Science meets Collectibles - Beaker Creatures Review

This week we are making our Science lessons fun and practical for the younger ones using these new sets, Beaker Creatures, from Learning Resources. 

This June Learning Resources is launching Beaker Creatures™, an exciting new range of science-themed collectibles that uniquely combine the thrill of collecting with hands-on science experiments, building skills and sparking curiosity and we've been trying them out! Check out this video to find out more!

Who are Learning Resources?

'We want to help your kids love learning. That's why we create toys that spark understanding, turn 'I think I can' to 'I know I can,' and help kids feel like everything is possible. For over 30 years, Learning Resources toys have empowered kids all over the world to build critical skills - and get ready to take on the world!' 

Check them out here.

Check out our unboxing video here over on our Instagram page with more pics and videos uploaded throughout the week on our Insta Story!

On opening our parcel, DS6 was thrilled to see these brightly, coloured boxes and wanted to start experimenting immediately! The sets aim to teach young children all about how acids and bases react with one another to make foam bubbles called Carbon Dioxide, the same gas we breathe out! These simple experiments gave him the opportunity to understand Chemical reactions in a simplified yet exciting, hands-on way. 

The Beaker Creatures Bio-Home comes with a reactor pod and extra creature. DS6 placed it into a bowl of water to watch the reaction, extracted it from the bowl, identified it using the small cards and information sheets and then placed it in the bio-home with magnifier to view his new creature up close!

We found a Stomper! These cute collectibles were an instant hit with the kiddies. They love to collect mini-figures like these, whilst learning new things along the way. Stomper was then added to his collection.

The Magnification Chamber is a larger set with two reactor pods to experiment with as well as a larger home to house the creatures they discover. The set can also be used to carry out further experiments which are detailed on the experiment guide, such as making Alien Slime, Shooting Stars and a Bubbling Volcano. The experiments only require everyday household products such as food colouring, and each experiment can be carried out in your very own 'kitchen lab', perfect for Home Educating families to give their children a hands-on Science lesson at home or out in the garden!

DS9 couldn't resist joining in our Science fun! They dropped their reactor pods into water and watched on as it bubbled away in the bowl to reveal their new creature!

DS6 says, 'I am going to collect as many creatures as I can and display them on my shelf in my bedroom. Beaker Creatures makes Science fun!'

The Beaker Creatures Liquid Reactor Super Lab is the largest set we tried out. It's a 15 piece set which also comes with two reactor pods with Beaker Creatures to discover. Aside from discovering the creatures inside, there are many over amazing experiments that can be carried out using this set. 

It contains: 
2 x Reactor pods
1 x Liquid Reactor Super Lab Base
2 x Hydroplungers
2 x Beakers
1 x set of tongs
1 x stir rod
2 x classification cards
2 x mini posters with amazing Science facts
1 x Experiment guide
1 x Full size poster

DS6 carefully lifted his reactor pod into the beaker with his tongs and used the Hydroplungers to squirt water along the tubes, into the beaker. He was amazed to see how quickly the chemical reaction took place, fizzing away as he squealed with delight. He stirred the mixture with the stirring rod. At this stage food colouring can be added in order to make new 'Cosmic Colours'. DS6 then extracted his creature and identified it using the classification cards, noting down how many legs, tails, eyes etc. it had. 

Here is a pic of his growing collection of Beaker Creatures!

Follow along on our Beaker Creature Science adventure this week over on our Instagram stories where we will be carrying out further experiments with these amazing new sets from Learning Resources. The kiddies can't wait to show you the experiments we have been getting up to! 
Overall, Beaker Creatures is a great educational toy, bursting with fun experiments to get the kiddies excited about Science, allowing them to let their imaginations run wild and carry out their own investigations. It provides simple, stimulating experiments to engage young children, whilst having all the fun of collecting some new creatures along the way! Check out Beaker Creatures here.

Happy Experimenting! Which creatures will you discover?

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. We were sent these products in order to review and all opinions are our own.