Our Den Building & Bird Feeding Adventure - Review

It's the start of summer and the boys are feeling adventurous. What a great time to take our classroom outdoors and into the sunshine! We have been exploring these amazing Den Kit bags and Pizza Bird Feeder kits from The Den Kit co. Follow us on our den building adventure!!!

We started our wild adventure in our own garden by making pizzas for the birds!! 

Kids love to get messy and this lovely bird feeder kit, from The Den Kit co, took making bird feeders to the next level by bringing them their very own pizza parlour in our front garden. 

The kiddies mixed soil and water for the pizza base and then layered each one with different toppings from these lovely hessian, drawstring bags. 

After placing them outside in their chosen spot, away from the neighbour's cat, they sat back and relaxed whilst observing which birds came to have a taste of their pizza creations. 

The bag comes with a selection of identification cards which makes it easier for the kiddies to note down which birds are visiting the garden. 

After the birds have devoured their pizzas and avoided the local cats, the wooden bases can be used over and over again!

Their adventure begins...

The boys were elated when they opened their Den Kit which contains all they needed to quickly set up camp at any chosen spot. 

It contains Tarpaulin, Groundsheet, Tent pegs and bag, hand turned Ash Mallet, Rope, Mug, Face paint (olive & brown) & an intruction card with a few examples of how to tie knots. 

They started by heading off towards the woods, looking for the perfect spot, before applying their camouflage face paint! 

DS12 took the lead and showed the younger ones how to tie knots! 

DS9 says, 'This tent is wicked, it's epic!'

They worked together, reading the simple instruction card as they went along, quickly identifying and rectifying any mistakes they made along the way. After tying the rope between two trees, they used the tent pegs to secure the groundsheet and tarpaulin.  

DD12 says, 'This is the best adventure ever and the tent it so easy to set up!!'

The Den Kit was quick and easy to set up and they soon settled into their new tent, collecting twigs to make a 'fire'.

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This Original Den Kit sparks imagination, encourages resourcefulness, provides escape and sanctuary as well as providing hours of endless adventure. 

DS6 says, 'I can't wait to see all the night time creatures, when they come out!'

The boys quickly decided to set up camp back home in our garden, next to our pizzas for the birds of course! and they are hoping to camp out this evening to spot our night time visitor, Mr Hedgehog.

Taking just minutes to assemble, they quickly set it up and DD3 made herself at home taking all her favourite story books inside. 

They now have a great outdoors classroom, in their cool, shady tent. Somewhere they can go and sit to write their poems, draw their pictures or read their stories. This Den Kit has been lovingly designed with children in mind. It's durable, innovative and just waiting for kiddies to dive in and let their imaginations run wild in the wild!! 

Please check out The Den Kit co online here.

 Happy Camping!! :)

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. We were sent these products in order to review and all opinions are my own. 


  1. This is just too awesome... I Read the blog with my 6 and 4 year old and they said we so need too get this and I agree!!!!!

    1. Awww..that's great! I'm sure you'll all have a lot of fun! The boys wanted to camp out all night!! :)


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