C is for a Cracking Collection Review

'Unlock your child's learning...'

We have been eagerly awaiting the third box in the A2Zactivitybox series! After having fun with all the activities in the previous boxes, DD3 couldn't wait to open box C!

This box has taught DD3 all about metamorphosis! We started by setting up the box as a pond as DD3 couldn't wait to get the frog to have a 'swim'. We discussed the life cycle of a frog which tied in nicely with our recent visit to the woods where there are tadpoles and frogs to spot.

DD3 then made two chocolate nests using the ingredients provided in the box. She carefully crushed up the cereal, added the melted chocolate and eggs, then popped them into the fridge to set. She was very excited to find out there was something edible inside the box!! :)

We then looked at the butterfly life cycle and she put on her butterfly leggings and top, then took the vibrant, orange scarf from the box in order to swirl it around making butterfly movements in the air. This gross motor skill activity was great to get DD3 moving around, using her creative skills to act out each stage of the butterfly life cycle!

Box C has arrived just in time for 30 Days Wild as it also includes a scavenger hunt. DD3 took her laminated sheet outside and ticked off the things she spotted. She then made her very first bar chart, which is on the back of the card, with the information she gathered. A pen and magnifying glass are also provided in the box!

Overall another fun A2Zactivitybox!

These boxes will keep your little ones entertained, providing great activities in different areas of the early years curriculum. Play is one of the main ways children learn, and these 'hands on' activities are ideal to give children the opportunity to learn through play. 

Have you tried and A2zactivitybox with your little ones? Check them out here. We now can't wait to see what fun box D will bring! :)


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