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#30dayswild Q&A on why our kiddies need wild time!!

I can't believe that we are nearing the end of another #30dayswild! It's flown by, just like all the little sparrows that have been visiting our garden throughout the month. For the second year running we have been getting out and about doing at least one random act of wildness each day and sharing it over on Instagram. From bug hunting and den building to writing poems and designing homes for wildlife, here are a few highlights from our month of wildness!

As #30dayswild is almost over for this year, we thought it would be a nice idea to invite a lovely lady onto our blog, who was part of the team who set up #30dayswild, for a Q&A session. So I will pass you over to Jade:

Hello, Mama_Scrumpy here! In the non-virtual world, my name is Jade and I live in Somerset, England with my husband and my 15 month old boy. The mention of the non-virtual world is a key one, stay tuned... 

When Nicola got in touch to ask if I would like to take part in a question and answer session for #30D…

Science meets Collectibles - Beaker Creatures Review

This week we are making our Science lessons fun and practical for the younger ones using these new sets, Beaker Creatures, from Learning Resources. 

This June Learning Resources is launching Beaker Creatures™, an exciting new range of science-themed collectibles that uniquely combine the thrill of collecting with hands-on science experiments, building skills and sparking curiosity and we've been trying them out! Check out this video to find out more!

Who are Learning Resources?
'We want to help your kids love learning. That's why we create toys that spark understanding, turn 'I think I can' to 'I know I can,' and help kids feel like everything is possible. For over 30 years, Learning Resources toys have empowered kids all over the world to build critical skills - and get ready to take on the world!' 
Check them out here.

Check out our unboxing video here over on our Instagram page with more pics and videos uploaded throughout the week on our Insta Story!

Our Den Building & Bird Feeding Adventure - Review

It's the start of summer and the boys are feeling adventurous. What a great time to take our classroom outdoors and into the sunshine! We have been exploring these amazing Den Kit bags and Pizza Bird Feeder kits from The Den Kit co. Follow us on our den building adventure!!!

We started our wild adventure in our own garden by making pizzas for the birds!! 

Kids love to get messy and this lovely bird feeder kit, from The Den Kit co, took making bird feeders to the next level by bringing them their very own pizza parlour in our front garden. 

The kiddies mixed soil and water for the pizza base and then layered each one with different toppings from these lovely hessian, drawstring bags. 

After placing them outside in their chosen spot, away from the neighbour's cat, they sat back and relaxed whilst observing which birds came to have a taste of their pizza creations. 

The bag comes with a selection of identification cards which makes it easier for the kiddies to note down which bir…

Work Experience Placement 2 - Sports Centre

DD14 started her second work experience placement at our local Sports Centre. She had to read lots of Health and Safety information before signing in and had the opportunity to learn about hazards and COSHH.

She had to do lots of health and safety inspections around the building, and making sure the toilets had enough look rolls and handwash. Hmm..Nice!

By week two she was a pro and knew how to do all the checks. 

She checked the gym equipment and vacuumed before anyone arrived to use it. 

Checked equipment and replenished stock.

She prepared the hall for the aerobics classes and made she the floor was free of any spillages etc. 

She worked on the reception greeting customers as well as taking money and counting the float. 

One of the checks was the Sauna room before anyone used it

and setting up the badminton nets!!
She enjoyed her work experience at the Sports Centre and getting to know all the staff who have given her a great report to add to her CV....onto Work Experience number 3…

National Insect Week

Today we are out in the garden looking for insects as part of National Insect Week.
We have been spotting & identifying as well as keeping a tally chart of the different types we have found, writing insect poems and short stories.
Why not join us this National Insect Week and take your classroom outdoors!

National Insect Week encourages people of all ages to learn more about insects. Every two years, the Royal Entomological Society organises the week, supported by a large number of partner organisations with interests in the science, natural history and conservation of insects. For more information and to read the free magazine for young entomologists check the website out here