Young Driver

Looking for a unique gift experience for your kiddies?  Why not try out Young Driver and book their first driving lesson! 

'Why wait until you’re 17? If you’re over 10 you can learn to drive in a brand new Vauxhall Corsa at one of our 60 UK venues.
Our friendly team of specialist driving instructors have delivered over 500,000 lessons and tailor your lesson just for you.
Nothing builds your confidence more than getting behind the wheel for real… and if you have a disability you can still join in, we are fully inclusive.'

We booked DS11 onto his very first driving lesson today and he absolutely loved it! He was in his element as he quickly understood how to start, move and park the car.

He learnt all about the checks, how to move off safely and park the car, increasing his speed slightly on his third lap. He easily recalled everything he had learnt after his lesson, received a booklet which detailed what he had covered on his first lesson and they offered further lessons at a discounted price. They also offer an in car video!

There are also lessons available for ages 5-10 years in the 'firefly' car. 

'Called “Firefly”, the two-seater cars were especially styled for Young Driver™ by veteran car designer Chris Johnson. Firefly cars feature independent suspension, disc brakes, twin electric motors and rack and pinion steering – making them drive and handle just like real cars on the road!
The cars are two seaters with an adjustable driver’s seat, so youngsters can be accompanied by mum or dad or a friend!'


 Here are some of the pics from his first lesson:

The instructor was fab!! He explained everything clearly and answered all DS11's questions. 

DS11 says it's the best thing he's tried so far and is planning his next lesson!!

  For further details on how to book please visit Young Driver here.