Work Experience placement 1 - Library Assistant

Last summer DD14 started her first work experience in our local library as a Young Ambassador!

As part of her role as Young Ambassador DD14 was involved in:

Working with library staff to help out at events and activities. 

Helping to register children onto the summer reading challenge; giving out incentives, recording information, and taking part in the evaluation.

Talking to children about which books they've been reading and helping th to choose new books.

Reading stories to children and listening to them read to you.

Helping to create in-house library displays related to the summer reading challenge.

Work co-operatively with other young ambassadors.

DD14 helped out over 8 weeks registering children and developed an understanding of how to handle confidential information.

She helped out with various workshops such as mask making, frog origami, teddy bears picnic etc.

DD14 thoroughly enjoyed being part of the Summer reading challenge and was instrumental at joining children up. She received great feedback from her line manager in the form of a report and awarded a certificate and prize at the Young Ambassador award night.

She is now completing her next work experience placement!

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