Exam season!

It's that time of year again!! Young people across the country will have their heads buried in their books for the next few weeks, busy revising the work they've learnt, making notes on revision cards and displaying them around their bedrooms!

For some of us Home Edders it's a bit less stressful as we are doing a few IGCSES at a time and focusing on the subjects that really matter for their chosen careers.

Take a look at the BBC Bitesize website for some great tips from young people.

Here are DD14's suggestions:

1) Make sure you have a test run to your chosen exam centre so that you're there in time for your exam. Being late is stressful and distracts other students.

2) Print out plenty of past papers, not only  are they good for revision, but you will know what to expect and can time yourself!

3) Get a good sleep by having an early night, eat a good breakfast and shower before you attend your exam so you're fresh and ready.

4) Use notecards to write down key terms to revise from. Pin them on the fridge or bedroom door.

5) Take regular breaks - exercise or go for a walk.

Hope it all goes well for those of you who have exams! ;)


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