Day in the life of DS9

Since turning 9, DS9 has started to develop his own interests in different subjects and I can now tag him up with his older brother, DS11, in subjects such as Maths.

He enjoys Maths and Cricket and has even done a bit of Spanish which he asked to do! Glad I can remember most of the vocab from my school days!!

So what's a typical Home Ed day like for DS9?

He likes to come downstairs early and arrange his books at his favourite seat at the table, usually asking to do his Maths first. 

He's currently working on the topic Algebra which he seems to be grasping easily. After Maths, he enjoys a 'hands on' science lesson usually choosing a simple experiment which can be carried out in the kitchen. He then writes up his experiment in his science book. For English he enjoys Spelling tests and writing his own stories in his Usborne Mystery Book. I try to give him lots of writing opportunities such as writing a diary entry for a character from a book he's recently read, writing letters and arguments etc. 

Afternoons are spent practising cricket out on the field or looking around an exhibition in our local Art Gallery. He has recently gained his Arts Award Discover.

DS9 likes have a go on the sewing machine whenever it's out. Here he is making his own cushion. 

Evenings are spent reading or working on the computer, practising his typing skills or coding!

Coming soon: Day in the life of DS11!


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