To buy a printer or....not to bother?


A friend text me this evening asking about printers and if there's any point buying one or will printing the odd worksheet off in the local library suffice!

Over the years of Home Educating I have been through a few printers, a ton of ink cartridges and reams and reams of paper. I have concluded that it's just a waste of time and money to be honest and it's probably better to invest into some quality workbooks instead.

Firstly, the cartridges can be expensive and never print as many sheets as you think they are going to. It's just too easy having access to a printer at home, I found myself printing so many different worksheets that I didn't necessarily need! When I print at the library I go with a list of worksheets that I intend to print so I only print what I need and find beneficial. It's just like when you're at the supermarket and fling loads of random items into your trolley that you don't need, sticking to a list is much more wiser ;)

There are lots of great websites that offer worksheets such as so I go along to the library once a week and print out relevant worksheets that tie in with topics we are covering. I also take along my Scholastic Framework Lessons which contain lots of printables to photocopy and a CD to print from. I prefer to follow lesson plans like this instead of printing random worksheets. Also, by printing this way, I no longer need a monthly budget for the home printer and cartridges, which soon adds to the outgoing household costs!!

So would I recommend buying a printer for the home? It may suit some families, especially those who subscribe to websites with online worksheets. But, for us, it's just a trip to our home away from home, the good old library, to do a bit of printing once a week!

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Happy printing :)

This is DS9 waiting for me to finish the printing!

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