Our Outdoor Classroom Binoculars

We love taking our Home Ed classroom outdoors throughout the year and over the past few years the older kiddies have requested a more 'grown up' pair of binoculars rather than the cheap, plastic ones they have been carrying around their necks on coloured string since they were 5 years old!

After searching online we chose the Celestron Upclose G2 which can be found online here at £54.99.

Celestron has been an award-winning brand for over 50 years and is now the world's leading telescope maker! So we thought they surely must be top quality and indeed they are! We always pack them with the rest of our bits and bobs whenever we go along to the park or woods, car journeys or cricket practice. The kiddies have been able to get 'upclose', just as the name suggests, and watch wildlife, such as birds, more closely, even whilst in flight.

No, DS9 is not spying on the neighbours, he's looking out for the Morrisons van coming to deliver our groceries!

They are a solid pair of binoculars but light enough for DS6 to hold comfortably in order to carefully watch nature, take in the view whilst we are travelling in the car or when we sat freezing in the cricket field watching DS9 play for the local team.

DS11 watching the waterfowl at the local reservoir.

They feature multi-coated optics which increase light transmission resulting in brighter and sharper images with high contrast levels. The kiddies have been able to use the settings with ease in order to focus up close, quickly identifying their chosen object. They are made out of stylish rubber and aluminium which has a water resistant body so they are perfect for all your trips whatever the weather!

Overall a great pair of binoculars which are economically priced, have many great features and can be used even on rainy days! They certainly do everything we want them to do when we are out and about. The kiddies can easily use them without the worry of doing much damage to them (unless they drop them in the river never to be seen again, but thankfully that hasn't happened!) They have learnt to sit quietly and observe the nature around them, taking everything in and asking questions. They come with a soft carrying case and binocular straps.

So if you're looking for binoculars have a good look around online and decide which are the best for you and your family! Check them out here.

Do you have any recommendations? Comment below :)

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links and all opinions are my own.


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