Library Book Reviews - March

A few people have asked me to recommend books for their children this week. We pop into our local library a few times a week to choose books as well as collect the books we have reserved online. My children choose books thy are interested in which develops their interest and love of books. They spend as much time as they like reading to themselves throughout the day. At certain times in the day we have a 'reading time' where the older ones read to the younger ones and then the older ones also listen to the younger ones read to them. My husband and I also encourage them to read classics to us, as well as books that are perhaps at a slightly higher reading age in order to further their reading skills, comprehension and vocabulary. We also have 'poetry teatime' where they each read a poem out.

If you're looking for a list of classic books, check out this list here

I try to post library book reviews and recommendations each month so here is our latest book review post for March:

DD3's library book choice

Max and Bear by Susan Quinn

I love finding book like this at the library which have extension activities in the back. Max and Bear is a lovely story about a boy who loses his bear and how some woodland creatures help bear get home. After reading the book together, DD3 and DS6 answered the comprehension questions in the back of the book. I created a worksheet so they could each draw their favourite woodland character from the book in the centre of the sheet. I added four bubbles around their character with the questions How did your character help solve the problem? What do you know about your character? What does your character look like? Why did you choose this character?

The book then suggests an Art & Craft activity to make a kite just like the one Max had in the book.

This book is a lovely read to share with the little ones and includes activity ideas which really bring the story to life! Check the book out here or look out for it in your local library!

DS9's Library book choice:        

'This book is packed with fun and excitement with the pigeons getting up to their usual antics. I read another book in this series which I thought was hilarious, so I had high expectations when I managed to get my hands on this! It is very easy to read and there are lots of funny parts. The best bit was when the vet's son came in to top up the food bowl. I didn't know what was going to happen!!
I recommend this book for other boys and girls from 7 to 10 years old.'

DS11's book choice:

'Radio Boy is about a boy named Spike who runs his own radio station from his garden shed. In this book he invites his Grandad onto the show. But was that a good idea? Spike eventually kicks him off the programme and Grandad plans revenge.'

Here are a few of our latest library picks!!!


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