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When and why did you decide to HE?
When my eldest was at school, Year 1, I felt increasingly disheartened with the school environment. I had found that being sat at a table for the best part of her day at that age, being forced to climb up a 'reading ladder' that she wasn't really ready for; just didn't feel right at the time. I had also started my son at a part-time Montessori preschool and having attended a few of their workshops with the Head, being a former homeschooler, I began to allow my thoughts about raising children to finally take root. Which was that I wanted them to learn a breadth of topics, be genuinely enthused by learning and learn at a pace which wouldn't be detrimental to their whole personalities.  So I took the plunge and took her out of school.
Did you have to give up your job/career to HE?
I had given up a job already to look after my two children at home full-time, but yes I had to then decide did I would to continue to make that sacrifice? This wasn't and still isn't easy, however I look at what will be the greatest legacy I will leave behind and I am without a doubt that it will be my kids so I stuck with it. Doesn't mean it was easy.

What kind of approach do you take?
I don't follow a specific curriculum per se, but I have some overarching principles. I believe in character building, building wholesome rounded Islamic personalities with genuine qualities. I believe in looking deep into the topics and issues they are interested in, and by doing this one after the other, they weave together their own 'curriculum'. But I understand that they will have to enter the real world and possibly the schooling system at some point, so am trying to ensure their maths and English skills aren't left behind. However, most of all, I believe in immersion in good literature, and may be slightly imposing in this regard!

Where do the children learn and do they distract each other?
We have a home ed room, but this changed last year after a kitchen diner renovation. After which I must admit, it all happens at the kitchen table! 
What is a typical HE day like in your home?
We have some specific classes they go to - sports, art etc. But we regularly start with Quran, maths, spelling, vocabulary. But this year I have taken an approach that we do not formally study the other topics. As my boys have a genuine interest in history, science etc, we often just get lots of books out and discuss lots. This i have found achieves just as much if not more, than text book type work! Oh and we go on loads of trips. 
 What is your favourite thing about HE?
The trips. We were literally residents of the National History Museum and are always on the look out for a new museum to visit.  

What do you find most difficult and why?
You never get a break - the kids are always with you! And without a doubt, housework does pile up.

Do your children easily socialise and work well with others?
They love to socialise and intereact with children of different ages, which i love.  

How do you incorporate physical education into your HE day?
The boys do Brazilian Jujitsu regularly, badminton and sailing at the moment.  
Do you plan and how far in advance?
I'm a terrible planner.  
Do you spend a lot of money on resources?
It's mainly books now, I used to buy a lot more - but then we all do that in the early days, plus my kids are a bit older now too.  

 What advice would you give someone just starting out on their HE journey?
I have a whole blog post on this (including most of these questions lol) but if really want to invest in your legacy, be prepared to roll your sleeves up and put your sweat, heart and everything else into it. It won't be easy, you will make mistakes all the time, but it's one thing that will never feel more right.  


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