Arabic & Qu'ran Lessons in our Home Ed classroom

We have been trialling the amazing online Qu'ran and Arabic tuition with Studio Arabiya! Keep reading to get your 25% discount code off your first month of classes exclusively for my readers!

Why Learn Arabic?

For us, learning the Arabic Language is very important, not only do the kiddies acquire a new skill but they will also be able to read the Qu'ran fluently with comprehension and understanding.

They say children are like 'sponges' when they are young, as they can easily absorb lots of information in the early part of their life. So as soon as the kiddies could sound out letters I introduced the Arabic alphabet as well as the English alphabet to them. They could soon decipher which language was which when hearing it and from around 6 years old started to learn vocabulary and simple sentences.

Being exposed to native Arabic speakers was the next step for them. We don't live in a community where Arabic is widely spoken, so we enrolled them onto this fantastic online learning course where they could have one to one sessions with Arabic and Qu'ran tutors. All the teachers at Studio Arabiya are native Arabic speakers who are certified from either Al Azhar University and Dar Ul Uloom, Egypt.

Who are Studio Arabiya?

'Established in 2011 by a small group of people, Studio Arabiya has quickly become one of the leading online Arabic & Qur’an institutes, providing education in all aspects of the language and the Qur’an. Our journey began in Egypt, where we realized that there was a lack of organized, qualified Arabic and Quran education in the West. We made it our mission to bring Arabic and Quran education to those who were in need and eager to learn by providing high-quality education and dedicated teachers...'

DD14, DS11 and DS9 all have two hours tuition in Quran Tajweed & Memorisation and the boys are also doing two hours of Fusha Arabic Language . There is also Islamic Studies available as well as various adult courses including preparing for the Cambridge Arabic IGCSE.

Arabic for Kids

'This course is tailored for children from as young as five years old to teens, and helps students to build a stronger Islamic foundation while learning the Arabic language. This comprehensive course is made fun with curriculum designed for children. This course will enable students to obtain a mastery of comprehending reading, writing, and speaking Arabic, as well as a strong understanding of Arabic grammar. It is divided into multiple levels, including numerous exercises to strengthen students' skills with testing at each stage to help them gain confidence. Acts of worship, character building and more are included within this course.'

Quran for Kids

'This course provides a fun and exciting atmosphere for children to learn Qur'an. Suitable for children ages 5 and up, students will learn to perfect their memorization of surahs in the Qur'an and learn to recite with accuracy and preciseness. Part of each lesson focuses on Tajweed to ensure that proper pronunciation is met while memorizing.'

What do we think?

The kiddies were slightly apprehensive about having a tutor so far away and were not sure what to expect from online learning, however, they were pleasantly surprised after their first classes.

DS9 says, 'I actually really enjoyed it.'

DD14 says, 'I was glad my tutor could speak English clearly to explain something if I got stuck.'

DS11 says, 'The tutors are friendly and make the lesson simple and fun.'

When Studio Arabiya first began all lessons were carried out through Skype, but that's all in the past now and they have taken their online learning to a totally new level to help create an overall better online learning experience for their students.

'With our innovative online classroom software, classes are more fun, interesting, interactive with much higher quality than ever before!  
Our teachers use online screen sharing, whiteboard and videos to interact with students from around the world.  This, in return, allows the student to experience their classes as if they were in the same room.'

They use online meeting rooms which the kiddies can easily access themselves and they could clearly see the tutor face to face. The audio was very clear, as if the tutor was sat in the room with them, and there were no pauses, interruptions or background noise during the lesson. The lessons are very interactive with the tutor sharing their own screen so that they were able to read and understand the lesson without the need for any books, DD14 and DD11 did make their own notes in their exercise books and they also noted down their homework for their next lessons.

On his first lesson DS6 logged on using his unique link to the meeting room where his lesson was going to take place. The teacher welcomed him and introduced himself. This made DS6 feel at ease before his lesson began and he soon got used to interacting with his online teacher. He asked any questions he wanted throughout the lesson and got feedback at the end telling him how well he had done.

All the teachers praised the children which I thought was great as it really boosts their confidence and motivates them to try their best!

Tuition and Fees

Studio Arabiya is a very flexible learning provider who provide tuition at the times it suits you. We were able to easily book the kiddies in at the times they learn best and surprisingly we managed to fit them in to our tight schedule! We chose how many hours we wanted and you can choose which payment scheme best suits you.

There are three to choose from:

Pay as you go tuition, basis one-to-one tutoring or a premium course.

How to get started!

You can easily enrol on the Studio Arabiya Website where a dashboard will be set up for you which details your lessons. After enrolling you will be able to book an online evaluation. This gives you a chance to feel what it's like to enter an online meeting room and the evaluator will assess the skills you already have by asking a series of questions. They will also ask you what you want to study and the times that suit you and that's it! You will then receive an email detailing your lessons and a link to join the meeting room at the lesson time.

If you do encounter any problems their Customer Service Support Team are always on hand to help. Ten out of ten for the team, they really do look after you anytime, day or night. You can easily get in touch seven days a week either by email or online chat. They will even call you if needed. I had a couple of issues which were addressed immediately and they really welcome and take on board all the feedback given to them. After every contact you will receive a feedback form if you would like to complete it and they are quick to respond with the action they have taken.

There was a class cancellation where the tutor's internet connection was not working, but Studio Arabiya kindly called me to explain the situation and rescheduled the lesson.

Overall Studio Arabiya has been a great learning experience for the kiddies to have some exposure to the Arabic Language with native Arabic speakers. It's great for kiddies who like this style of learning but it may not be everyone's style. The prices are fair as they each have a one to one session with a tutor in Egypt. If you think of the money it would cost to travel and live in Egypt in order to have a lesson then that would work out way too expensive for many families. Studio Arabiya brings a native tutor into your home for a fraction of the cost of being abroad.
Your children can effortlessly log into their lesson at a time that suits them and gain this amazing new skill!

Would you like to try out Studio Arabiya? Here is a discount code for 25% off your first month of classes: WITC25

Disclaimer: We have been trialling this product in order to review it via this blog post and all the opinions are my own.


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