Snow & Ice Activities

Well I've had to put all our Spring themed activities on hold this week and make the most out of all this snow whilst it's here!! The UK has been blanketed in the stuff and we're all back to hot chocolate and PJ's!

The kids have waited patiently for a winter like this pretty much all their little lives, so they've been having great fun, from sledging down the hills in our local park to watching all the hungry little birds fight for food on our garden bird table!

Here are a few of our Home Ed pics from this week and a couple from a while back! Don't forget to check out our Instagram page @theworldistheirclassroom to watch our sledging videos!

DD3's spice kitchen! Having fun mixing the snow with spices whilst warming up back in the classroom!

Excavating sea creatures!

Hanging up ice decorations!

Watching the birds eat from the iced bird feeders!

Spraying lovely colours onto the snow! Add paint or food colouring to spray bottles filled with water. These were a hit with the boys!

We made coloured iced candles which looked lovely against the snow, glowing away at dusk!

We made these lovely coloured ice balls which the kiddies loved rolling around 'painting' the ground. Fill balloons with food colouring and water, pop in freezer for a few hours or overnight. 

Looking for footprints. I wonder who made these? 

Looking for a sledge? Check out the ones we bought here.

What have you all been getting up to? ;)