DD14's Silver Arts Award - Challenge & Interview with an Artist

What is Arts Award?

'Arts Award is a range of unique qualifications that supports anyone aged up to 25 to grow as artists and arts leaders, inspiring them to connect with and take part in the wider arts world through taking challenges in an art form - from fashion to digital art, pottery to poetry.
Offered at five different levels, young people get to:
  • discover the enjoyment of creating and participating in any art form
  • develop their creativity and leadership skills
  • learn new skills and share them with others
  • get to work with or experience working with creative arts professionals
  • gain experience and knowledge to progress into further education and employment
To achieve their Arts Award, young people take on challenges in an art form, participate in arts activities, experience arts events, get inspired by artists and share their arts skills with others. Young people create a portfolio to keep a record of their creative journey. Along the way they are supported by an Arts Award adviser, acting as assessor, facilitator and mentor.'

There are five different levels which start at various ages: Discover, Explore, Bronze, Silver and Gold.

 My children are currently taking part in Arts Award through an online distance learning provider, however, there are many local centres which offer the Award, look them up here. Here are some pics of the kiddies' logbooks. They completed the awards through Visual Art by attending many different workshops, researching artists and viewing exhibitions! Their logbooks were then posted off to Trinity College, London for marking after being checked by their Arts Award Advisor. Arts Award is a great alternative to the IGCSE Art and we chose this route so that they each would have a qualification which showed their creative flare.

 DD14 is now completing the Silver Arts Award which consists of two units. Unit 1 is all about completing an Arts Challenge, Arts Review and Arts Research. Unit 2 is about Planning an Arts Project, Delivering the Project and Reviewing the Project.

Here is the start of her challenge and an interview with the Artist, Becky Truman, she worked with! 

Arts Challenge

 First I made a plan consisting of my strengths and weaknesses, what I would like to do, what Art I have experienced before and why I like these Art forms.

I wanted to try out Anamorphic Art (Anamorphosis is a distorted projection or perspective requiring the viewer to use special devices or occupy a specific vantage point (or both) to reconstitute the image) so here is my first attempt of floating illustration, letter A. I chose this form of Art because I was curious to see how it would turn out. It has been an interesting and new experience for me. Though I found it rather difficult, I only made a number of minor errors and mistakes which I have since learnt from. The first is when I couldn't match the A with it's shadow, as I didn't get the measures right! Oops!

This is my attempt at a 3D hole, leading downstairs to a hidden lair or cellar. I chose this because I was keen to try my own illusion and see whether is was going to look real. The only mistake I made a was when I shaded the steps darker than I should have done, but I still got the same effect. I found it really easy to draw and follow along.

I also tried out some graffiti Art!

Arts Research: Interview with Artist, Becky Truman

1)      What made you want to be an Artist?

It was not a choice, I was born an artist, always painting, making, creating, I think the question is more, when did I find that being an artist could be my career?

It was a slow development, I never really thought about it but when I was at art college I began to combine my skills as an aerialist with my costumes and I found that people loved what I did and I started getting work.

2)      Where and what did you study?

I did a foundation art course at both academy of art and a degree in art and design at Bradford college.

3)      What is your favourite type of Art?

My most natural materials have always been fabric so I have to say costumes as I am always drawn to them.

4)      Is there any particular type of Art you would like to learn?

Yes, I would love to do some classes in advanced casting techniques like bronze. There are also some amazing mask makers in Italy (specifically Agostino Dessi) who I would love to do some courses with.

5)      Are there any other workshops at Cartwright Hall I could take part in?

Yes, I am teaching life casting on Sunday 18th March, I believe there are still places and it’s great fun.

6)      Are there any work experience opportunities that I could get involved in?

You are welcome to visit me and help out at Bradford college where I teach special effects to degree students.

7)      After completing my Arts Award, what career opportunities would be available to me?

Wow, that’s such an open question, the art industry is huge and varied. You have to find what area of art you have a passion for and follow that lead.

      8)      What do you like most about being an Artist?

That I love it, I love what I do, it is completely fulfilling, I do some wonderful things and meet wonderful people and I never stop growing. I feel incredibly lucky though I will probably never be rich!

If you would like to take part in Arts Award please check out their website here.


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