Ali Huda - Netflix for Muslim Kids

'Ali Huda Entertains and Educates Your Children About Islam...'

When I first heard about Ali Huda I thought what a great idea, but how is it going to be any different from quickly looking up a few good Islamic or Arabic Cartoons on YouTube and allowing the kiddies to watch those?!

But then, we trialled it...

Watching 'Muslims of the World'

After just one week, Ali Huda is now part of family life here. The kiddies have been working extra hard on their Home Ed learning in order to be rewarded with time to view their favourite programmes. TV time on the laptop or tablet is always a hit with the kiddies but little do they know that the programmes they are watching not only entertain but educate them in many different subject areas such as Science and Geography, not just Islamic Studies!

Ali Huda has 1000's of videos to choose from and there's something for all ages, which is great when you have children of mixed ages.

DD3 enjoying Ali Huda

Not only is it great for children but it gives parents the peace of mind that their children are watching carefully selected cartoons and shows with Islamic values and it has no ads at all!

There is a squabble for the first few minutes everytime we turn it on, about who gets to choose the first programme, but they have had to learn to take it in turns!

They can easily choose a programme by scrolling through the options such as Quran &Arabic, Science & Craft and Travel & Outdoors! They can even choose by age group.

Watch anywhere, anytime!
My children chose educational programmes from Ali Huda that were beneficial to them and subject areas they wanted to further their knowledge about.
DD3 has been enjoying 'Knowsy Nina' and finding out all about how plants grow, which has tied in nicely with our Spring theme in Science. This series alone has 52 episodes and covers topics such as floating and sinking, teeth, electricity, microscopes and moon phases. It is going to be a great early Science resource for our Home Ed classroom.
'This edutainment series revolves around the lovable and nosy Nina (or “Knowsy’, because she is super nosy about knowledge!) and her pet rabbit Smarty-pants as they discover the fun world of science, nature and general knowledge. The show is ideal for little kids who have just begun to observe the world around them.'
DS11 says, 'I am glad it's not just for babies, I liked watching Salahdin best.'

With charity being a big part of our faith, it's great to know that Ali Huda donate 10% of the monthly membership fee to Orphans in Need.

DD3 says, 'Plants need water and sun to grow, Knowsy Nina is my favourite programme'

Overall we think Ali Huda is a great resource with high quality programmes which I am sure many families will benefit from. Children can easily use on their laptops at home, on tablets in the car or on their IPhones sat bored stiff in the Doctor's waiting room!

Why not give the gift of knowledge this Eid and purchase membership for your children or grandchildren?

It does say 'exclusively for Muslim children' however, I think it could also be used by a number of families to learn about Islam. Many Non-Muslim Home Ed families have been in touch with me wanting to find out information about Islam in order to teach their children, maybe they would like to trial it too?

Make learning fun again with Ali Huda and watch it anywhere, anytime! Subscribe for your free trial here!

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post. and all opinions are my own. Contains affiliate links. (Please note: some of the programmes include Music in the background which many families may choose to avoid).