B is for Book-tastic Bonanza! - Review

We received this lovely surprise in the post this week! It's the next subscription box from A2Z Activity box check their website out here.

After being the first to review box A (A is for Arctic and Antarctic Adventure, check it out here) we were delighted to receive the next one which ties in nicely with World Book Day!

It has arrived just as the first lot of snow blanketed us here in Yorkshire and we are pretty much snowed in today. So DD3 will have lots of activities to keep her amused for the rest of the week.

DD3 was even more excited this time round knowing what to expect. The box comes packed with individually wrapped activities, linked to well known stories. You can really tell the lovely Shaina, who creates these boxes, has really gone the extra mile to cram this box with all her ideas and teaching expertise! It's brimming with activities which cover various subject areas with plenty of extension ideas in the very handy handbook!

So what's in the box?

Brain-tastic Story

These story cards are so cute! We used them for DD3 to create her own story and DS6 and DS8 wrote their own too! There are many ways you could put these to use, but as always each activity comes with instructions and extension ideas. Keep a look out and follow A2Z Activity Box on Instagram to be in with a chance of winning prizes such as a full pack of these cards!

Bog-tastic Concoction

This 'Bog-tastic concoction' was DD3's favourite and kept her entertained much longer than I had anticipated. I love the fact that it put her fine motor skills to use by kneading, mixing etc. and that it is made up of edible materials in case she decided to have a quick taste!

Bean-tastic Measures

DD3 used the pack of beans to measure lots of items around the house. This is a great Early Maths idea using their fine motor skills to carefully line up beans to see how long or short household items are.

Bean-tastic Growing
DD3 was amazed to see the size of these beans! She carefully followed instructions and managed the whole process independently. The beans are now up in the window, so hoping the sun will come out soon!!

DD6 watched the process and he is recording how the beans change each day, in the form of a diary.

Bear-tastic Drama

DD3 has been acting out one of her favourite story books using this prompt card!! It's a great resource as she can retell the story herself!!

Bear-tastic Small World

As always, A2Z Activity Box is great to teach your little ones about the 3R's (reduce, reuse, recycle)

The last activity always makes use of the box and leftover contents. DD3 created her own Small World using the resources provided. She made her own bear cave, river, grass, etc. Can you guess which story it has been inspired by? :)

I can not stress enough how great this subscription box is! It's a perfect box for the little ones not only to keep them entertained, but it covers all the areas of learning such as numeracy, literacy, creativity, communication and language etc. With Top Tips, Extension Ideas and lots of links to other areas of learning.

Please check out their website today to learn more and begin your A2Z adventure!!!!