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Ali Huda - Netflix for Muslim Kids

'Ali Huda Entertains and Educates Your Children About Islam...'

When I first heard about Ali Huda I thought what a great idea, but how is it going to be any different from quickly looking up a few good Islamic or Arabic Cartoons on YouTube and allowing the kiddies to watch those?!

But then, we trialled it...

After just one week, Ali Huda is now part of family life here. The kiddies have been working extra hard on their Home Ed learning in order to be rewarded with time to view their favourite programmes. TV time on the laptop or tablet is always a hit with the kiddies but little do they know that the programmes they are watching not only entertain but educate them in many different subject areas such as Science and Geography, not just Islamic Studies!

Ali Huda has 1000's of videos to choose from and there's something for all ages, which is great when you have children of mixed ages.

Not only is it great for children but it gives parents the peace of mind that their c…

Exploring the Woods

'Hirst Woods run along the Leeds Liverpool canal and the River Aire just outside Saltaire near Shipley. A large, mature wood nestling in between the railway line and the canal. Wide meandering paths and lots of wildflowers in spring.'
We love to explore local woods and usually head off to into Heaton Woods which is local to us.
 Today we went for a walk along the canal and we often pop into Hirst Wood Nature Reserve, however, today we thought we would see what's on the other side of the gate and head into Hirst Wood itself which is part of The Woodland Trust. We were pleasantly surprised by the expanse of natural beauty which is right on our doorstep here in Bradford, Yorkshire! See our Heaton woods post here.

Before our Woodland adventure we stopped for a little bite at one of the picnic tables provided near the entrance to the wood.

Hirst Wood is vast and there seemed to be more than one woodland walk we could actually take. We ended up walking all the way through stopp…

New activity book being released this April!

The lovely lady at Usborne Books with Aisha kindly sent us this colourful Rubber Stamp Activity Garden book which is bursting with ideas to keep the little ones entertained this Spring!
This spring themed book is going to be released this April and at first glance looks like a fun, sturdy book with perfectly sized rubber stampers for little hands.
It comes with six brightly coloured ink pads and a set of circle, triangle, square and petal shaped rubber stampers. 
'There's lots of space for you to fill, so take the lid off the inkpad and have fun.' Usborne Books
This book is in my Top Ten Spring Book recommendations I posted last week. Check it out here.

DD3 was itching to have a go at this activity as soon as she opened the parcel this morning!

She quickly understood what to do and used her fine motor skills to pick up each small stamper. She then dabbed it into the ink pad and began decorating her garden with spiky hedgehogs, crawling caterpillars and busy bees!

The book…

Geography & History Lesson - Canal Walk

Anyone who has been following our Home Ed journey for a while will know that we like to take our classroom outdoors as much as we can, making lessons as practical as possible.

It was a lovely, bright spring morning so we decided to spend the day walking along the canal. We started at Salts Mill in Saltaire, Bradford and walked along up to Hirst Wood. The kiddies loved taking in all the scenery, nature and history as well as watching the barges pass by. Taking along our free guide so the older ones could follow the route.

Watch the videos we will be uploading here on Instagram.

The Aire Valley canal walk meanders through beautiful scenery as well as some industrial areas which we discovered along the way.

'The Leeds Liverpool Canal was the first to span the Pennines, forging a route along the Aire Valley, from the West Riding of Yorkshire through to the industrial heartland of Lancashire. With a total length of 127 miles it lays claim to the longest of England's canals and ma…

Top Ten Spring Books for Children

We love exploring each season and we have always singled out each one as a theme for the little ones every year. I start by planning craft activities and find the latest books to display in our Home Ed classroom window. I also buy engaging activity books like the ones below to spark their interests, ask questions and it keeps them entertained with an educational activity whilst I get on with the household chores! Here are my top ten spring book recommendations:

1) Bug Hotel By Clover Robin on offer here at £4.99

'This book explains how a bug hotel is a home-made habitat where insects of all shapes and sizes can come to stay. It even encourages children to build one in their own back garden using common and natural materials including straw, wood and stone.

It is a fun lift-the-flap book which many little ones, who love nature and creepy crawlies, will enjoy.

Among the critters it features are bees, snails and ladybirds and it also offers simple explanations of their traits and b…