Using EdPlace in our Home Ed Classroom - review

When I first started Home Educating, many moons ago, there was not a lot on offer to us as Home Educators in terms of online information, events & workshops that we could take part in (everything was schools only!!!), online resources and subscriptions etc. Not many people had heard of Home Education, HE families were dotted around, just doing their own thing, in their own way.

For the past few years HE has been on the rise here in the UK and now there is a plethora of information out there and so many resources to choose from, it can be overwhelming when you're just starting out.

So when I set up this blog and my Instagram, a year ago, I had all you lovely readers in mind!

I decided to share ideas and resources, which I think could be of benefit to you, so you don't have to sift through lots of online educational offers, from great fun freebies to educational packages such as EdPlace, an online learning provider which is 100% aligned to the National Curriculum.

I have been waiting patiently to share what we have been up to lately in our Home Ed classroom and announce a great discount offer for all my blog readers!

So here goes!

DS6 says, 'I didn't realise this was learning because I was having so much fun! I like it better than my workbooks because I can choose which subject I want to do! I also like it when Eddie the Owl explains the answer!"

The kiddies have been busy trialling this amazing online learning provider!

EdPlace, who help each child achieve their best in English, Maths and Science from year 1 to GCSE. They boosts results with their interactive National Curriculum aligned worksheets, assessments and revision materials.

I carefully choose which resources I buy and which subscriptions I sign up to as you easily end up buying too many books and curriculums which you don't necessarily need.

DS8 says, "It answers all my questions I have, gives me lots of information and facts and I love having the chance to win the rewards my mum sets for me."

EdPlace starts from Year 1 right through to GCSE level, so it's perfect all my children. This is a great as you can track all your children's progress, over the three core subjects, in one place.

Not only do you purchase a subscription, where your child can have all their subjects in one place, but you also have that peace of mind that they are covering all areas of each subject, which is often a serious concern amongst some families, who have asked me on numerous occasions how they would know that they are covering all areas of their child's learning. This could be just what you're looking for! Keep reading for an impressive discount offer!

The smart technology adapts to your child's learning with lots more great features such as videos to watch, online assessments, when your child is ready, and a reward scheme which you can set and will appear on their dashboard.

DD14 says, "This has been a perfect companion to use whilst I am studying for my IGCSES!"

Navigating the site is pretty straight forward. I signed each of my 'students' up at their own grades and browsed the topics within each subject. I was then able to set activities for each of them. EdPlace can automatically assign work depending on each child's level but I found that assigning tasks for each of them was better so that they could not just dip into anything they fancied, they follow a set programme that I had assigned for them. By doing this, I could also assign them work at the correct level as HE children are often ahead of their school peers, and like my children, at different levels in each subject. When I thought they were ready to move on, there are assessment tests I could easily assign.

DS11 says, 'I really like EdPlace, especially the reward scheme. I tried my best to work as hard as I could to get the points I needed to win my prize.'

So every evening I have been setting their work for each subject on the topics that we have been working on. This tied in nicely so that they could each have a turn online, to complete their activities, whilst we are sat together at the table.

Surprisingly, in the afternoons they also wanted to do further learning on EdPlace as there are some lovely badges and customisable rewards to collect along the way, so the kiddies wanted to try and compete with each other in gaining them.

Each child has a dashboard to view their own progress as they work through their set work. This is fab as my kiddies were so excited to see their percentage scores after completing a task. These types of rewards certainly encourage and motivate children, making them feel they can achieve whatever they set their mind to!

You can celebrate their achievements further by printing off their certificates available to stick on your fridge too for family and friends to see!

Parents have a dashboard too where you can easily track your child's progress and see how well they are advancing in their knowledge of each subject area. As parents, we also receive regular reports via email, informing you of your child's progress and reminders to set activities and grant rewards.

After just a few days of trialling EdPlace, my children have excelled even further with their learning. They have come on leaps and bounds,, especially in Science, as this isn't really my forte. I am so pleased to know that they are doing so well and becoming 'superstar' learners in their core subjects, but more importantly, enjoying learning along the way. They are finding it fun and easy to learn, are able to read the worksheets confidently and answer the questions.

Overall, I have found EdPlace to be a great, easy to use, online learning provider with a friendly service. I think EdPlace is perfect for those Home Educating families, who are following the National Curriculum, and who want to feel assured that their children have access to high quality worksheets and assessments. There are so many different options to choose from when buying online learning packages but EdPlace really caught my eye as it includes an 'Eddie's Home Education Guide', which made me feel like they had us Home Edders in mind, when designing the programme, and they have made it as cost effective as possible so that all parents can benefit and have access to these top quality educational resources.

With all these fantastic features I am sure you will all love EdPlace!

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links.