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'Hi, I'm Catherine Mooney. I'm a writer, English teacher, examiner and Open University tutor in Creative Writing. However the most important thing I've ever done is to home-educate my son since he was five!
Ten years ago I recognised the need for a friendly, approachable distance learning course that would enable home-educated children to take an IGCSE English Language exam, regardless of their ability or starting point. The result was my IGCSE English Language Course for Home-educators. My students' success was so high that I decided to write further courses including Word WeaversIGCSE English Literature for Home Educators and a course to improve your Essay Writingskills.
Bobbie, Heather and I have now helped over 2000 students across the world to achieve outstanding results in their English IGCSEs. It's especially gratifying that students with dyslexia and other special educational needs tell me that they find my course approachable, friendly and  accessible, enabling them to do justice to their skills while achieving solid exam passes and enjoying the process.
I do hope you enjoy browsing my site. Please get in touch with me if you need any further advice or guidance.
Catherine Mooney Tutoring
75 Trench Rd, Telford, TF2 6PF
T: (01952) 605865



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