Freedom to Learn

There are so many benefits of taking your classroom outdoors such as making learning concepts, real and relevant by putting them into a more realistic context, promoting curiosity and imagination which nurtures their creativity.  Many concepts that are taught indoors may not be easily understood, but by taking children outside into the real world, they can put what they've learnt into practise and get a better understanding. Children certainly don't have to be sat with pen and paper at a desk for
a few hours in order to learn.

Why not wrap up warm and explore the woods this winter, discover the tranquillity of the great outdoors and allow the kiddies to explore, climb and run through the woods. Take along this lovely logbook (see below) so they can record their great woodland adventure and make a woodland treasure bag to take along too. The log book has plenty of space to draw, paint and write about everything they discover, describing how the trees look at this time of year and recording what they spot. They will use all their senses whilst exploring their surroundings.

They could also make a 'journey stick'. Take some coloured wool or string with you and then find a stick and tell the story of your journey. Tie any 'treasures' they find along their way, such as leaves and feathers, onto their stick!

Have fun!!
Woodland log book