Scholastic practice books

I don't really use workbooks before they reach a certain age and even when they're ready, we use textbooks which are more thorough but I came across these fun Scholastic practice books for English and Maths. I've bought these two books which cover the whole of the Year 2 curriculum. They are packed with 100 fun, brightly coloured activities which support the National Curriculum. Home educated children do not need to follow the National Curriculum, but I like to use it as a  structure and add to it with topics and subjects my children are interested in. 

So DS6 started these today and he's really enjoying them. He completed an activity from each book and then went off to play. He feels all grown up now he's got this new set of books to pull out, whilst his older  siblings are doing their studying. 

The Maths book covers Number and place value, Addition and Subtraction, Multiplication and Division, Fractions, Measurement, Geometry & Statistics 

The English book covers spelling, vocabulary, Grammar, Punctuation, Comprehension & Composition. 

Both books contain progress charts and certificates. The curriculum is challenging and includes the requirement for children's understanding to be secured before moving on. 

Check them out here.