Rainy Day Adventures

Wet weather doesn't mean your children have to stay inside in front of a screen. This amazing book is packed with outdoor games and activities that can be played in the wind, rain and snow! Suitable for children aged 3 - 99!

Written by a pair of outdoor enthusiasts, this book has many new and novel ways to encourage children to get outside. From puddle painting to making wind spinners from golden leaves, all of these projects are fun and easy to complete.

If you don't want to stay out for too long, this book also lists things that can be collected while outside and then used in a variety of stay-at-home projects.

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I was slightly apprehensive about buying this book as I've seen many 'rainy day' activity books which have the usual outdoor suggestions, but I was pleasantly surprised when I flicked through. There are some fab ideas which look like those 'picture perfect Pinterest activities' you would see online but  I haven't ever come across these ideas before. The book contains lovely photos and illustrations along with instructions to the activities set out in a clear, simple manner.

The book's introduction begins with suggestions of what to pack in an out pack and what an outpacker is, how to forage and how to remember your seasons. It is then broken down into four sections: Rain, Wind, Snow & Skills and great activity ideas which can be carried out in all these types of weather.

Take a puddle pony for a canter, defend a snowball fort, chase falling leaves or my favourite, make a kite by weaving grass.

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Enjoy your rainy day adventures!! :)