Peter and Jane Key Words series

Ladybird: Key Words Collection - 36 Books - Collection - 9780723296782

Peter and Jane uses some of the most frequent words in the English language as a starting point for learning to read successfully and confidently.

Series A introduces new words, Series B provides further practice of these words and then Series C links reading with writing and phonics. All the words introduced in Series A and B are then reinforced in Series C.

Scientifically researched and world renowned, the books follow Peter and Jane as they explore and have adventures. The traditional Ladybird style of artwork makes these great for parents to read along with children, too.

Titles in this collection (1-10 of 36)
  • The holiday camp mystery
  • Mountain adventure
  • The carnival
  • Mystery on the island
  • Learning is fun
  • We like to help
  • Adventure at the castle
  • Books are exciting
  • Adventure on the island
  • The open door to reading

We have been using this Peter and Jane series for a couple of years now. We also use the Oxford Learning Tree Biff and Chip books but found these were better as they allow children to build their vocabulary a few words at a time. It begins with mostly sight words, but there are opportunities for children to use their phonetic knowledge and sound out some of the words.

Section C (green books) are exercise books which help with writing, so after reading books 1a and 1b, children they copy out and complete the exercises in 1c before moving onto 2a.

At the back of each reading book is a list of words which the children have learnt in that particular book.

Why are key words important?

By recognising these sight words, children will be able to understand most sentences much more easily and quickly. I found that in the Biff and Chip series, which my children read when they choose to, they have used sight words here and there which my children may not have come across before whereas with this series it slowly introduces words and repeats it over and over in the sentences which follow, in order for the child to learn quickly and read confidently.

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