DS8's science Investigation

Today DS8 carried out this fun investigation. He placed one hand in cold water and one hand in hot water for 1 minute. The middle bowl contained room-temperature water. After the minute was up he placed the cold water hand in the middle bowl. What did this hand tell him about the middle bowl of water? He then placed the hot water hand in the middle bowl? What did this hand tell him about the middle bowl of water?
He was surprised by the outcome and then wrote his investigation up in his science book!
So what happened? It sure stumped a few of you on Instagram @ theworldistheirclassroom lol :)
Well...the hand that had been in the cold water told him the middle bowl contained hot water and the hand that had been in the hot water told him the middle bowl contained cold water!!
This is because our 'body thermometer' does not measure the actual temperature of the water but compares it to the temperature of our body. This is why a room might feel very warm after a long, cold, winter walk but chilly after you have been in a hot shower.
Investigation taken from his Galore Park Science book, we love these books and have the Junior English and Junior Maths too:-
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