Be a Nature Detective!

To be a nature detective you need to be observant, patient and quiet. Mammals and birds scare easily and can be shy so it might take time before you can spot one. Listen carefully. Sometimes you can hear mammals and birds before you see them.

Where can you spot them?

You could try to spot mammals and birds in your own garden. Try leaving out food or make feeders for the birds and place them at a safe distance from the ground. Or you could take a walk in your local woods or park, along a river or by the sea. You'll find different types of birds and mammals in different habitats.

What you take with you!

* Waterproof jacket

* Wellies

* Pens/pencils

* Magnifying Glass

* Binoculars


Making Notes

Once you have spotted a mammal or bird, make a quick sketch in your notebook and label it, note down when and where you saw it and perhaps what it was doing. All these notes will help you identify it later.

Countryside Code

Don't forget to follow the countryside code when out and about:

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