Art projects for kids - our top Art projects from last year

Foil Art
Flower Art

Mixing Art with Geometry

Clay Art

Das 1kg Terracotta Modelling Clay
 Mondrian Art

Hands and Feet Art


Vegetable stalk Art

Nature Art

Bubble wrap feet art - video on Instagram @ theworldistheirclassroom

Yellow Powder Paint - 2.5kg

Chromatography Butterflies

Cling Film Art

Pastel Pink Readymix Paint - 300ml
Nature Art

Painting Rocks

Summer Art

Pointillism with Pizza Boards

Dinosaur track Art

Tie Dye babywipes

DD3's Art

Shaving Foam Art

Firework Art

A4 Coloured Card - 20 Sheets
Nature Art

Owl Art

Snowflake Art

A Dot in the Snow - Hardback - 9780192744265 - Corrinne Averiss
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Winter Tree Art

Polar Bear Art

Chalk Art

48 Colour Chalks
Conker Art - video on Instagram @ theworldistheirclassroom

Tissue Paper Bleed Art

Circle Art

Henri Matisse Art


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