A is for Arctic & Antarctic Adventure - Review

We are honoured to be the first to try out this amazing new children's activity box which will be out very soon!!!

'A fun activity box for 3-6 year olds with a difference! Use the insights of a qualified teacher to unlock the learning potential in your child's play.'

Check out a2zactivitybox on Instagram to stay up date with the box's developments and be the first to hear when the boxes will be available to purchase.

This activity box popped through our letterbox this week, much to the delight of DD3 who loves fun activities. As we have used and reviewed similar boxes in the past I was expecting it to be very much the same. But I was nicely surprised! This box is packed with six parcels, each one held together with a polar animal sticker, sparkly blue pencil, glue and activity handbook.

The theme of this box is 'A is for Arctic & Antarctic Adventure'. I love the way all the activities are based around a particular theme and each one covers a different area of learning.

Here is a list of the activities the box contains:

1) Arctic Song with actions - Physical Development - Song with actions related to different polar region animals

2) Snow Writing - Literacy - practice writing in magic snow (use the snow to make 'small world'

3) Feed the Polar Bear - Numeracy - roll the dice, read number (number recognition) count and feed that number of objects to the polar bear (counting practice)

4) Animal Crafts - Expressive Arts and Design - use the materials provided to make puppets (puppets for 'small world')

5) Save the Penguin Ice Experiment - Understanding the World - use materials provided to carry out an experiment to explore how ice melts (use penguin for 'small world')

6) Polar Region Small World - Communication and Language - use the box and its contents to assemble a model polar region - let your child play imaginatively with it to give them an opportunity to use vocabulary

Each activity parcel comes with detailed instructions and learning objectives. The Activity Handbook also gives very thorough top tips, extension ideas and links to other areas of learning. I initially thought the fun would be over in an hour or two but this themed box could easily cover a whole week's learning with a child of 3-5 years old. A great resource for all Home Ed families as this box could easily lead on to a whole bigger project involving the older children too!

DD3 chose to open the pack containing the balloon (with a penguin hidden inside) which we filled with water and placed in the freezer. We spoke about what she thought would happen. Instead of moving onto the next activity whilst we waited, there were plenty of extension ideas such as looking at where penguins live, we read books, stuck the penguin sticker onto our world wall map, discussed solids, liquids and gases. There were so many extra ideas the box gave us which I could also involve my older children in too such as writing about penguins, making poems and creating their own projects.

DD3 enjoyed the Art and craft activity the most. I think this was because she could see immediately what she had to do. She took all the pieces out of the little bags and started making puppets of an Arctic Hare and Fox. I loved the way the activity instructed me to resist the temptation of taking over or helping stick things in the right place whilst she got on with her activity! It's always easy to jump in and try to help when it's actually ok to allow them to do things their own way and explore their creativity.

We loved the sing song which turned into a work out too! She made big actions and ran off all that energy!

The following day we tried feeding the polar bear with this cute numeracy game. She confidently counted the buttons to feed the bear and practised her fine motor skills as the buttons came in different sizes. We played the game together and then DD3 happily played it by herself by throwing the die and counting the dots and then feeding the bear the correct amount of buttons. Again, I can't stress enough how many extra ideas the activity handbook holds to further the child's learning. You really have to check it out!

Another fab thing about this box is the fact that nothing goes to waste! It's very environmentally friendly and encourages reusing all the materials and packaging as they are needed for the activities and can be easily stored away to play later. DD3 had fun turning the box into a snow writing tray to write out her letters, words and patterns.

Once the balloon was frozen DD3 couldn't wait to help rescue the penguin. We spoke about how to get it out of the ice using water (pipettes included) and ice. This activity took a while which was great as DD3 talked about penguins and ice the whole time and was elated when she finally got the penguin free. (She's kept it in her pocket since!)

The final activity made use of all the materials and box to make a 'small world'. This was great, allowing DD3 to play freely and talk about all the activities we had completed on this week.

I would certainly recommend this new box which will be available soon from the lovely Shaina over at a2zactivitybox on Instagram. If you're interested in the boxes please contact her and look out for the new website coming soon too! It's a great educational resource for all parents of young children and Home Educating families who want to make sure their children are not missing out on any areas of their child's preschool education.

It's more than just a box of activities, it's a box which will allow your child to develop an interest in a particular topic and learn to explore it, enjoying lots of educational and creative activities along the way!

Check out a2zactivitybox on Instagram

Or here on the website which has just gone live!!


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