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Home Ed Q&A

Please check out Raising Rainbow's latest vlog answering all my Chai Chat questions.

They're a lovely Home Ed family I've met through Instagram  @raisingrainbowsmummy so please grab a cuppa, watch and subscribe to their amazing  You Tube channel :)

Enjoy :)

Hamilton Trust Lesson plans

We have enjoyed using the free lesson plans from Hamilton Trust for our Science lessons over the years, check them out here:

Home Ed Q&A

A big Thank you to Ronni, a home educating mummy of four, for taking part in this Home ed Q & A session. Check out her blog here:

When and why did you decide to Home Educate? This is a long story and I have actually made a YouTube video about this! I never wanted to homeschool when I was growing up. I thought homeschoolers were crazy! Then when we were living in Germany, my daughter couldn't get into kindergarten - the waiting list was too long. I realised she would have no education until the age of seven (the age they start school in Germany) so thought I should try and teach her certain things before that age. Therefore, I looked into homeschooling. As soon as I had read the first book on homeschooling I was hooked. It sounded brilliant! I do not believe all children should be learning the same things. Therefore, I do not believe in the National Curriculum I believe all children should be able to follow their passions and learn abou…

Get Coding!

We picked up this interesting coding book at the library last week and DS11 couldn't wait to try it out. Check it out here for only £6.29!

He's always taken an interest in computing and completed many online sessions of the hour of code through various websites and using programs such as Scratch and Python.

Whilst DS6 is just starting his 'drag drop box' adventure through coding, DS11 wants to move on from this stage and make his own app and website etc.

This book has come just at the right time! It has been written for kids by kids and is supported by The Young Rewired State - the expert community of coders.

'We're Young Rewired State, a worldwide community of digital makers aged 18 and under. We've made this book because we want you to become a technology star of the future.'

DS11 first went through the introduction and learnt the main key code skills. The simple language and layout, in the form of step-by-step instructions, made it easy enough for …

Nature Study

We have been featured on Nature Study Australia! Please check it out here:

A is for Arctic & Antarctic Adventure - Review

We are honoured to be the first to try out this amazing new children's activity box which will be out very soon!!!
'A fun activity box for 3-6 year olds with a difference! Use the insights of a qualified teacher to unlock the learning potential in your child's play.'
Check out a2zactivitybox on Instagram to stay up date with the box's developments and be the first to hear when the boxes will be available to purchase.

This activity box popped through our letterbox this week, much to the delight of DD3 who loves fun activities. As we have used and reviewed similar boxes in the past I was expecting it to be very much the same. But I was nicely surprised! This box is packed with six parcels, each one held together with a polar animal sticker, sparkly blue pencil, glue and activity handbook.
The theme of this box is 'A is for Arctic & Antarctic Adventure'. I love the way all the activities are based around a partic…

Be a Nature Detective!

To be a nature detective you need to be observant, patient and quiet. Mammals and birds scare easily and can be shy so it might take time before you can spot one. Listen carefully. Sometimes you can hear mammals and birds before you see them.

Where can you spot them?

You could try to spot mammals and birds in your own garden. Try leaving out food or make feeders for the birds and place them at a safe distance from the ground. Or you could take a walk in your local woods or park, along a river or by the sea. You'll find different types of birds and mammals in different habitats.

What you take with you!

* Waterproof jacket

* Wellies

* Pens/pencils

* Magnifying Glass

* Binoculars


Making Notes

Once you have spotted a mammal or bird, make a quick sketch in your notebook and label it, note down when and where you saw it and perhaps what it was doing. All these notes will help you identify it later.

Countryside Code

Don't forget to follow the countryside code when out and a…

Free KS2 Spanish series from BBC School Radio

Designed to support KS2 Spanish ¡Mi Madrid! is designed to support non-specialist language teachers in the classroom and is supported by comprehensive Teachers’ Notes, transcripts and translations which can be downloaded from the website.The episodes are 15 minutes long and each one is divided into four sections so that they can be played in one go, or the sections can be used separately. Series synopsis English girl, Charlie, has just moved to Madrid with her dad and is learning Spanish with the help of her new friend Quique, his mum SofĂ­a, and his uncle Manu.Charlie and Quique visit different locations around Madrid and on the way Charlie improves her Spanish and learns about Spanish culture.Each episode includes a visit to a Madrid location, simple discussions about grammar and pronunciation, a story and a song.

¡Mi Madrid! is broadcast on BBC School Radio on Friday mornings from 12th January and the episodes are available to download from the website after transmission.…

Home Ed Q&A with Becci

Grab yourself a cuppa and have a lovely read of this question and answer session on Home Education with Becci.

Follow Becci and her lovely family on Instgram here:

When and why did you decide to Home Educate? We began homeschooling nearly 3 years ago. Our sons Ethan, now aged 9, and Eli, now aged 8, were in year 1 and 2 respectively in school and both struggling with anxiety based behaviours. The education system could not deal with their issues and they would both be sent home after a couple of hours each day. We had been considering homeschooling for about a year prior to this because both children were struggling in kindergarten and school. They have both been diagnosed with Autism since.

What kind of approach do you take? I guess you could say we are eclectic homeschoolers. We use what suits us from all styles of education. I’m drawn to Classical and Charlotte Mason Educational styles and try to incorporate this where I can. Mostly in…

Rainy Day Adventures

Wet weather doesn't mean your children have to stay inside in front of a screen. This amazing book is packed with outdoor games and activities that can be played in the wind, rain and snow! Suitable for children aged 3 - 99!

Written by a pair of outdoor enthusiasts, this book has many new and novel ways to encourage children to get outside. From puddle painting to making wind spinners from golden leaves, all of these projects are fun and easy to complete.

If you don't want to stay out for too long, this book also lists things that can be collected while outside and then used in a variety of stay-at-home projects.

Check it out here

I was slightly apprehensive about buying this book as I've seen many 'rainy day' activity books which have the usual outdoor suggestions, but I was pleasantly surprised when I flicked through. There are some fab ideas which look like those 'picture perfect Pinterest activities' you would see online but  I haven't ever come ac…

Scholastic practice books

I don't really use workbooks before they reach a certain age and even when they're ready, we use textbooks which are more thorough but I came across these fun Scholastic practice books for English and Maths. I've bought these two books which cover the whole of the Year 2 curriculum. They are packed with 100 fun, brightly coloured activities which support the National Curriculum. Home educated children do not need to follow the National Curriculum, but I like to use it as a  structure and add to it with topics and subjects my children are interested in. 
So DS6 started these today and he's really enjoying them. He completed an activity from each book and then went off to play. He feels all grown up now he's got this new set of books to pull out, whilst his older  siblings are doing their studying. 
The Maths book covers Number and place value, Addition and Subtraction, Multiplication and Division, Fractions, Measurement, Geometry & Statistics 
The English book …

Spring Activity Ideas

Throughout each season DD3 enjoys the activities I have prepared for her. Check out these lovely Spring activities from last year and some which I have been planning for this coming Spring. We can't wait to get started!!! Have you started planning your Spring themed activities yet? Please share in the comments below. :)

I cut out a cardboard butterfly and attached to a stick in the ground. DD3 chose bits of nature from around the garden to glue onto her butterfly.

Turn all those pesky plastic eggs, your kiddies won't let you throw away, into fun educational activities!! We use them to sound out cvc words by twisting and making new words and to revise timetables!!

Weave nature on sticks!!

Go pond dipping!! Our pond in our local woods is filled with frogs and tadpoles. The kiddies love learning about the frog and butterfly cycle. We will be ordering our caterpillars in a few weeks! Check out the Insectlore butterfly Garden we have here:

Symmetry with natur…