Weekend Box

Have a fun weekend of craft activities with Weekend Box.

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DD3 was excited to get stuck into her box today, the boys have gone to jummah so it's nice and quiet here at home. Today's box is all about the Weather!! ;)

The box contains lots of exciting craft activities wrapped in parcels, which makes DD3 more excited as she never knows which to open first!!!

We started the banana snowmen activity first as she loves cutting bananas with her plastic knife!! Great montessori activity!

DD3 then opened her yellow parcel with a raindrop craft activity. She coloured the lolly stick, sharpened the crayon onto the wax sheets (she wasn't too pleased about this lol and wanted to colour the sheets!!), which I then ironed together. She carefully tried cutting out raindrop shapes and then I helped her tie them to the lolly stick :)