Mister Maker Box

DD3 was so chuffed to receive her Mini Maker box in the post this morning! She didn't wait to get dressed and dived straight in!! It was interesting to see how different the box would be to the Toucanbox. Have you tried a Mister Maker box yet? Order one here.

The box contained a lovely octopus craft, perfect for my sea creature fans!! It provided simple, clear instructions,  paint, wool, stickers and colouring/puzzle book. 

DD3 started by painting her 'octopus head', following her little instruction booklet.

She learnt how to make folds in the tentacles and stick on the pretty, glittery stickers.

As there were two octopuses to make, DS6 joined in the fun!!

They both sat in the classroom, next to the Oceans poster, talking about what other creatures they know live in the sea.

After hanging up their octopuses to dry, they tackled the puzzles and had a fab time colouring the lovely pictures in the book.

And here is the final result!!! Well done DD3 and DS6 for having fun together at the table, taking it in turns to use the stickers without squabbling and follow the instructions without asking mummy to help every 5 seconds!!!! :)

Overall I would say the Mister Maker box is another fab arts & crafts subscription to keep the little ones enterained. Especially if you have cooking/cleaning to get on with or the older ones need your help with something. It brought a bit of peace into our home for an hour, so we'll worth it!! :)

Disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links and we were sent the product to review


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