Mini Maker

We have another Mini Maker Box!!!
Have you tried them out yet? Check them out here:

Today it's all about birds!!!! With the weather turning cold we've been learning about birds and putting out extra food in their feeders, so today this wise old owl bunting ties in nicely!!!

The colourful, personalised box comes with an impressive range of craft materials. Precut owl-shaped card, gluesticks,  stickers, fun activity book and more!!

After cutting the ribbon DD3 carefully glued them into place on the cardboard owls. PVA gluesticks are provided so it did stick well!!! I'm so pleased, as I'm so used to hanging up their Arts and crafts only to have a mountain of sticky tissue paper and sequins building up on the floor!!! ;)

The box provides stickers for the rest of the owl, so nice and easy for little ones to complete their owls.

And here it is!! She was so proud of it and wanted to hang it outside her bedroom door for all to see. I always display their work whether it's arts and crafts or poems. It's a lovely reminder of how they're advancing in their skills and makes them feel proud of what they've achieved. I can't open my fridge though without magnets and artwork falling off!!! ;)

I really love the fact that these arts and crafts subscription boxes come with an activity book. It gives the kiddies something to do once all the fun of making their craft is over. I'm no longer needed for any hands on task, so they're free to sit and colour their book which offers further learning and ideas.

The Mini Maker is a great kids arts and crafts subcription for those arty kiddies who love to get their hands sticky whilst creating their amazing work of art. The online subscription service is simple to set up and you can cancel at any time. Check them out here and give your mini maker a lovely, personalised surprise in the post :)

Disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links and we were sent the product to review.

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