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New tutor-free IGCSE options from just £99, and a winter discount on Key Stage 3 Science courses
We've had a number of parents contact us in the last few months who have felt confident enough with the subject material that they didn't require the tutor support we provide with our IGCSE courses. However they still needed a systematic way of approaching the IGCSEs that assured them they were covering everything they needed to, and put all the lesson plans and content in one place for their children to work through.

At the same time we've been busy updating our IGCSE courses to the new exam specifications and curricula. So we've taken advantage of that to create a new option for our CIE and Edexcel IGCSE science courses - the ability to buy them without tutor support from just £99. To enable this we've written an additional PDF for each course with all the answers to the questions to the marked assignments, so that you can check the work yourself.

This is a bit of a test so to keep it simple we've put all the tutor-free options we offer on one page:
Currently only you, as a member of our mailing list, are able to see these. We will decide if we're going to continue to offer them, and make them available to others over the next month, at which point we might withdraw them if there wasn't much demand. So if you are thinking of buying them, please be aware they're currently available for just a limited time.

Of course, there's always the option to add tutor support if you find you need it later, but we do recommend the tutor free option just for those of you who feel confident already with the subject material and want a framework to cover the entire curriculum without having to spend the time or money to prepare all the content yourself.

Please note: The tutor free options are only available on the updated 2019 specifications - please see the website for details.
Key Stage 3 Discounts
Save £70 off our tutored and untutored Key Stage 3 Science courses. Your entire biology, chemistry and physics curriculum, planned out, structured and delivered in over 140 fun and engaging lessons.

Save £70 on our Key Stage 3 Science course in our winter sale 


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