DS8's Science Experiment

BBC Bitesize has some fun experiments which can be carried out at home. Many people think that Home Educated children cannot take exams in subjects such as Biology and Chemistry because they have to carry out experiments. The fact is, they can! Not all experiments need to necessarily be carried out, watching them on You Tube should suffice but we can choose and carry out whichever ones we like in our own kitchens at home.


Some Ebay shops, such as Kitchen Chemistry, cater for Home Ed families check them out here:


You can also buy some fab Chemistry sets online like these here:



 Today DS8 wanted to make CO2 so using the above link.

He found all the equipment and got to work.

First he carefully lit the candle.

He then poured the correct amount of vinegar into the cup.

Added the bicarb.

And then carefully held it over the candle.

This chemical reaction, between vinegar and baking soda, produced a gas called carbon dioxide. This gas put out our candle's flame. Please see the video here on BBC Schools highlights: http://www.bbc.co.uk/guides/zw7hdxs#zxq9h39

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