Do my kiddies distract each other?

I'm often asked this question, the answer is yes! But it's not always such a bad thing. It may lead to discussions or helping each other with difficult tasks.

When we're at home, the kiddies study in the kitchen as it acts like the 'hub of the home', we have a large table and it works brilliantly as I can cook alongside whilst helping them with their work and keeping an eye on them.

The negative side to distracting each other is their bickering about who is sitting in which chair or if someone else's books are touching theirs!! I think that's just a sibling thing, but it does waste time and prolong their activities resulting in occasionally missing out a subject.

I've noticed they only do this when they haven't been set an activity to do. So to try and combat this problem I set their work out, in their places the night before, so they know what activity they will be doing and they can get straight into it.

Staggering their learning also helps. DS11 is usually first down, which gives him chance to start his work and follow his interests in his chosen topics. Then the little ones follow and they start their activities. DD14 organises her own workload and begins in her own time and DS8 comes when he pleases to start his chosen subject.

At lunchtime, as the kiddies are already sat at the table, this gives us chance to listen to any read alouds or watch any online videos whist they're eating.

Working together on projects is a great way to allow them to have positive discussions and share ideas. Following their interests is one of the great benefits to Home Education, so if they are interested in a particular topic or event then we'll look into it, find information and activities relating to it. This instils into them excitement and a love of learning.

Do your kiddies distract each other? Do you consider it a bad thing? ;)

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