Home Ed Q&A with..Jessica

When and why did you decide to Home Educate?

Making the decision to home educate was not taken lightly and was a decision that was made over months. As my older 2 children advanced up the school years i saw their "grades" declining. After many attempts to work with the school to offer more support, we felt the best thing for them would be to home educate and take the pressure off of them. I could see it was clearly affecting their mental health, and in the end it was starting to disrupt their relationship with us at home.

What kind of approach do you take?

As we are still very new to home education, we are feeling out what works for us. So far we have enjoyed continuing Maths and English. We have touched up on Science when questions have been asked, but all these normal subjects have been done using textbooks, online games, board games and creative ways to help their understanding. We have also spent alot of time being creative with crafts, lego, minecraft and even creating costumes whilst looking into the Vicrorian Era. We use a very child interest learning approach too.

Where do the children do most of their work? and do they distract each other?

Work varies between in the home, outside, at the library or even just in conversation whilst going places. The older two don't generally distract each other but having a 2 year old little sister has been challenging to keep busy. However, she has enjoyed doing her own "learning" so it works out well.

What is your favourite thing about Home Education?

My favourite thing about home education is seeing my children enjoy their childhoods. Whilst at school i felt they were under alot of  peer pressure to "grow up" and mature at a rapid rate, rather than just enjoying where they are at. I also love seeing them learning in ways that suit their learning style and needs.

What do you find most difficult and why?

I find getting time to myself most difficult. I haven't found the balance yet but i am sure i will in the near future.

How do you react to people asking about socialisation, do your children easily socialise and work well with others?

Although we haven't found any local groups yet, my children both do other activities which they have friends at. They also have their friends from when they were at school who they have regular contact with. 

Have family supported your decision?

Most of my family have supported our decision. However we would have still gone ahead and home educated even without their support.

How do you incorporate Physical Education into your Home Ed days?

We do daily yoga sessions, trips to the woods or the park and they both do football, ice skating and swimming lessons.

Do you plan and how  far in advance?

I do a rough plan on a Sunday of things i want to get done the following week. Other than that we go off what the children are interested in learning and find a way suitable for them.

Do you spend a lot of money on resources?

I have found many free resources online however games and workbooks we have bought.

What advice would you give to someone just starting their Home Ed journey?

I would tell them to find any groups or other home educators online and when you first start to home educate make sure you spend some time with your child/ren enjoying time together. Lastly i would also say don't stress about figuring it all out at once, it will slowly fall into place over time.

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