Home Ed Q&A with....Dani

When and why did you decide to Home Educate?

I’ve wanted to home school as long as I can remember, even before I had kids! After a few years of teaching in a public school, I was convinced that if given the chance I would homeschool.

What kind of approach do you take?

I’m pretty OCD, so we have a daily/weekly schedule that we stick to. I am currently using a curriculum but am open to switching to theme based units that are centered around novels when the girls get older! I can’t wait to write those! 

Where do the children do most of their work? and do they distract each other?

We do most of our work in the living room or at the dining room table! I would love to have a homeschool room upstairs someday. Yes, they do distract each other so sometimes we do our work in shifts! 

What is your favourite thing about Home Education?

I love that we are able to be outside as much as we want! That I can teach them with methods that fit their learning style and we can spend as much time on a skill as we need! I also love that reading the Bible is part of our curriculum and that field trips, errands, and community service are part of our weeks as well. Learning life skills is so important. 

What subjects do you teach and do you stick to a timetable?
We are currently doing all subjects (Bible, History, Language Arts, reading, math, Science, and handwriting). The girls take ballet/gymnastics for Gym! We definitely stick to a time table as best as we can. Occasionally we may get behind a day but we always manage to catch up.

What do you find most difficult and why?
Read alouds! I love read alouds and we attempt to do a morning basket but our curriculum also has a ton of read alouds so some days it’s hard to get my little ones to sit still long enough to listen! I’ve found that spreading them out over lunch and breakfast helps because that’s when they are already sitting! 

How do you react to people asking about socialisation, do your children easily socialise and work well with others?

Ugh! I try not to react anymore at all. I have an in home daycare so between church, Ballet/Gymnastics, and the home daycare my girls are around kids a lot! Not to mention our outings, adventures, and the library. My oldest is pretty shy in forced situations but when on her own she almost always makes a friend. All three of the girls are a little different in regards to socialization so it’s all about finding what works for them and making sure they have opportunities to step out of their individual comfort zone.

Have family supported your decision?
Some do and some don’t! It can be hard when your family doesn’t. 

How do you incorporate Physical Education into your Home Ed days?

We spend a lot of time outside and when we can’t go outside we do yoga or have dance parties! The girls also take ballet/gymnastics once a week.

Do you plan and how  far in advance?
At least a month or two! I tried to do from August to Christmas and it didn’t work! We ended up wanting to change things around and we missed a week so it was just a mess!

What's a typical Home Ed day like?
Breakfast around 7 which includes our bible and history read alouds. Then we do science read aloud and activities. The girls get dressed, do morning chores and play for a bit while I clean up and prep for the day! The rest of the morning is a mix of book work, activities, crafts, games, reading, and play. Before lunch we do outside time. After lunch it’s quiet / nap time. 
Do you spend a lot of money on resources?

I try not too. We get from the library whatever we can and buy used when possible! I try to keep curriculum under $400 for the year when possible. We have a ton of math, building, and play resources which is nice! 

How do you make time for yourself?

Umm that’s a tough one. I work away from home on Monday so that’s kind of my me time even though it’s work. I also blog, and try to workout 3x a week. 

What advice would you give to someone just starting their Home Ed journey?
You have to find YOUR groove. What works for me or another homeschool family might not work for you! Be prepared to change and adapt! It’s okay to have bad days and it’s okay to cry or feel overwhelmed. It does get better and bad days don’t last forever!

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