Toucan Box - Royal Crown and Finger Puppets

DS6 received his next Toucan Box today. He's loving receiving these boxes through the post when he least expects it. Today we also received the prize chart! With each box you receive a sticker (token) which you can pop onto the chart. Once you've collected enough tokens you can then exchange them for a prize.

Fancy trying a free box?

Or type the referral code: NICOLA-A2IB

Today he is making a crown and finger puppets! The instructions are simple enough for him to follow all by himself. Here's what's in the box: an activity booklet with puzzles, colouring and a recipe, card finger puppets to colour, pencil crayons, jewels, ribbon and a felt crown.

DS6 started by making the crown...

...and then colouring in the finger puppets!

Lots of fun in one little personalised box which comes straight through your door!!

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