The Reactions of Metals - KS3 Science

We've been using the Collins Science KS3 book and DS11 is on The Reactivity Series at the moment.

Found this great book at the library to read alongside which includes links and a quiz:-

1)What is the chart that tells which metals are more active than others?

2)If a compound accepts a hydroxide ion in a chemical reaction, does this form an acid or a base?

3)According to the reactivity series, does gold react easily?

4)The reaction between an acid and a base is called what?

5)What happens in a displacement reaction?

6)What is the reaction of a substance with oxygen called?

7)What are alloys?

8)Why is titanium a good metal to use in the body?

9)What is the lightest metal?

10)Which is your favourite metal? Why? What does it do?


1)The Reactivity Series

2)It forms a base.



5)One element displaces another, they switch place.


7)Mixtures of elements, one of which is a metal.

8)Titanium does not react with the body, so it is good to use for hip replacement, bone joints, and replacement bones.


10)Answers will vary :)

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