Recycling over the Winter Holidays

Please be mindful of waste over the next few weeks!! It's a great time to get the kiddies learning about the 3 R's!!!

Reduce, Reuse & Recycle!

Here are some top tips on recycling:

1) Buy products made with recyclable materials.

2) Encourage your little artists - We love to collect loo rolls, tubs and cardboard boxes, they come in handy for some great model making activities for the kiddies or when you need cardboard to make learning resources!

3) Know what you can and can't recycle so you don't accidentally put things straight into your waste bin!

4) If you're a homeowner, consider rearranging your plumbing so that rainwater or wastewater from your shower and tub is used to flush your toilet. If you have a garden, water it with leftover bathwater or dishwashing water (as long as you use a biodegradable soap).

Teach the kiddies!!!

Here are some great printables about Recycling!

There are some great Arts & crafts and Model making books to borrow at the library to inspire your model making creations! We found this 'Make a truck' book recently and had all the bits and bobs ready to build a truck in our cupboard where we collect our tubs and boxes!!! As soon as we've used a fruit tray or cereal box the kiddies chuck it in the cupboard!!!! :)

Happy Recycling!!!


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