nICE ideas!

Playing with ice is a great, cheap sensory activity and so much fun for the kiddies. Water play is a childhood favourite, so ice play is a great follow on activity which can easily be set up at home.

Through this sensory play children are introduced to the early science topic of 'solids and liquids'. They will start to question and understand the differences between these two states and how things change from a liquid into a solid and back again.

We keep and reuse any old fruit or biscuit trays as they make interesting shapes. We freeze objects into each mould along with a string. Once frozen we hang them up to watch them melt.

Ice activities can cover all sorts of subjects as well as Science. We have been using ice play with DS6 for his Maths. We froze silver glitter into hexagonal moulds and used the shapes to make tessellations. Much more exciting than learning from a Maths workbook! See the video we uploaded  on our Instagram page @theworldistheirclassroom

We are also planning more Maths lessons with ice such as learning cube numbers with ice cubes!

Another favourite is preparing ice excavations! We freeze items ready to be excavated such as dinosaurs and ocean creatures. Use larger tubs, such as chocolate tubs, for larger ice blocks and leave to freeze overnight. The kiddies can use salt to sprinkle onto the ice and watch what happens. Perhaps make coloured salt to make it more interesting!

Making frozen bird feeders is always a great activity for the winter.

We also use jelly moulds as they come in fun shapes, adding food colouring to the water too!

We freeze DD3's nature finds after she's been on her scavenger hunts!

We sometimes add water beads to our sensory ice trays!

Children will enjoy
  • Pouring
  • Stacking
  • Building
  • Rubbing
  • Painting
  • Stirring

    They will ask questions such as 'How does ice melt'? Allow them to investigate on their own and ask their own questions.
    Hope you all have fun with your ice activities!!!

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