Making use of the good old library!

After speaking to many families about the early days on their Home Ed journey, they always say the same thing. They bought anything and everything they could get their hands on such as textbooks and resources and every offer and 'flash sale' at places like The Works and The Book People online were too tempting to resist!

I've been there too!

But I would now advise families to think carefully before spending. There are lots of free resources online and your local library is probably not as out of date as you think!

The library, for us, has been a great place to visit. The kiddies are on first name terms with staff, they stamp their own books and my eldest did her work experience during the summer. It's like a second home to them now! There are so many benefits to visiting your local library:

* Your children have the opportunity to choose their own books. It's 25 books per child here in or local library. Imagine all the books we have to carry home!!

* They stock up to date books that have been released this year, if they aren't in the local library we can reserve online and collect.

*The library has lots of textbooks to borrow, so no need to buy books such as CGP and Collins.

*There are computers to use, Wi-Fi, newspapers, children's activities and story times, posters & workbooks for sale at cheap prices as well as information on local events & workshops.

*Children can interact with other children using the library, our library has a reading & writing group for older children

Visiting the library is a lovely childhood memory I have and wanted my children to experience too. Why not check out your local library today :)

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