Activities with Snow!

Well the kiddies are counting down the days until Winter and have already taken their sledges out of storage hoping that it snows this year!

For now, all their cuddly toys are happily being pulled down the stairs!!!

We have been thinking about fun experiments and activities they would like to do in case a blizzard does blow this way!

1) Timing how long is takes for snow to melt in different places. Collect small samples of snow in containers and place them around the house. Perhaps one on the radiator, one in the cupboard etc. time how long it takes for each to melt by checking every minute and noting any changes taking place.

2) Take the little ones out with their paint pots and brushes paint in the snow! They could try using spray bottles to squirt the paint or food colouring onto the snow!

3) Make a sensory snow tray to bring inside. Collect snow on a tray adding any winter themed activities you like such as small, plastic Artic animals or even bits of nature.

4) Make an outdoor kitchen! Halve oranges and scoop out the fruit, pop them onto a bun tray and allow the kiddies to fill them with snow, adding whatever they like on top as decoration. They could add raisins and seeds if they want to hang them up as bird feeders!

5) Make a large board and write numbers onto it. Ask maths questions and have the kiddies throw snowballs at the correct answer!

Throwback to a couple of years ago!! Having fun sledging!! What indoor and outdoor activities do you have planned for the winter? Follow us on Instagram to see what we get up to @ theworldistheirclassroom


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