Writing Ideas

Have fun with writing!

*Building a character -
Think about their actions, opinions, appearance, lifestyle, age, background, anything unusual about them.

*Writing dialogue in stories - use alternatives to 'said', vary the shapes of the sentences by moving the words that tell the reader who is speaking.

*Writing an accurate description - keep it brief, pay attention to detail.

*Constructing an argument - research your topic on the internet, books etc. Include things such as 'I think this' 'Having considered all the information...'

*Writing a play text - Capitalise names of characters followed by a colon, stage directions in italics.

*Writing a ballad - an old poem which tells a story - the kiddies like this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=exads7KV-Y0

*Writing a diary entry - include details and observations. Imagine it being found by your great- grandchildren.

*Writing a news report - remember the five question words - Who? What? Where? When? Why?

*Writing a modern version of a fairy tale - Retell a favourite fairy or folk tale

*Writing a play text based on a novel - Pick a scene from a novel in which two or three people are in conversation and write as a mini play.

*Writing a news report
*Writing to persuade
*Writing a letter or email of invitation
*Wiring instructions
*Writing a limerick
*Writing a book review
*Writing a haiku
*Writing a story in the first person
*Writing directions
*Writing a review of a performance
*Writing a blank verse
*Writing a story in the third person
*Writing a letter or email to a newspaper
*Writing a story from a provided opening
*Writing a tribute


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