What's under your feet?

We're taking part in this new survey to Help scientists at the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) understand the relationship between climate, the availability of invertebrates and how this impacts UK bird numbers and their migration patterns.

I checked with The Pod that Home Educators can take part and here is the response:

'We welcome any data you can upload for the BTO’s scientists to analyse, as this is really useful. But I’m afraid only schools and community groups are eligible for the class visit to the BTO’s headquarters. I hope the children aren’t too disappointed, but please be aware that they can get involved in the campaign as much as everyone else. We also have some great resources you can download to extend their learning on the topic.

One final thing - please be aware that the data entry tool will be ready for you to submit your results after What’s Under Your Feet? Week on Monday 16 October.'

So if you'd like to get involved here is the link:


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