Reusing packaging in your Home Ed classroom

I find many Home Educators initially go out and buy every educational resource going when first starting Home Ed. You can make it as cheap or as expensive as you like. Some things like curriculum textbooks I have had to go out and buy but some things I think you can improvise. I asked a group of friends what their tips were for reusing household items and packaging. Here are some ideas...

Other than loo rolls which always come in handy for one thing or another, I always keep fruit trays. They are ideal to use as paint trays and can just chuck them in the bin once the kiddies have finished!

Another home educator sent me these pics of strawberry tubs they reuse to store glue, pens and pencils, such a good idea!

Here another Home Edder uses yogurt pots to store felt tips.

Love this idea of reusing egg trays for painting !!

These pics were sent from raisingtheummah on instagram:
1st pic we made "Recycle Modelling Masaajid"...2nd pic used empty chocolate box packaging for playdough moulds and resources to learn shapes... 3rd/4th pic we used cardboard box to turn into whatever he wanted for Expressive Arts and Design and he used the box lid to make two masks!

What items are must keeps in your house? What do you do with them?

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