Family night!! Kids quizzes

  1. Which big ocean lies between America and Britain?
  2. In the children's book The BFG, what do the intials BFG stand for?
  3. The pyramids are found in which country?
  4. How many sides does a cube have?
  5. What colour is Dory, the fish in the film Finding Dory?
  6. Which fictional detective had a friend called Doctor Watson?
  7. There are two species of Elephant, the Asian elephant is one, can you name the other?
  8. What name is given to the spear thrown in athletics in competitions such as the Olympics?
  9. Which very important job was once done by Barack Obama?
  10. Which flower is the emblem of Scotland? And what about Wales?
  11. What name is given to the famous English prehistoric circle of stones monument?
  12. Which cartoon character was known for saying: 'What's up, doc?'?
  13. Incisors and molars are types of what?
  14. What number house does the British Prime Minister live in?
  15. What kind of creature is a seahorse?
  16. Which famous Victorian author wrote books such as A Christmas Carol?
  17. Answers:

    1. The Atlantic
    2. Big Friendly Giant
    3. Egypt
    4. 6
    5. Blue
    6. Sherlock Holmes (created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle)
    7. African Elephant
    8. Javelin
    9. President of the United States
    10. Thistle. Daffodil.
    11. Stonehenge
    12. Bugs Bunny
    13. Teeth
    14. Number 10 (Downing Street)
    15. Fish
    16. Charles Dickens

    Kids' Questions II

    1. The Statue of Liberty is in which city?
    2. What sort of animal is Mumble in the film Happy Feet?
    3. What does the word 'diminish' mean?
    4. Which large desert is the biggest in Africa?
    5. How many stars are there on the American flag?
    6. In which month of the year is Guy Fawkes Night?
    7. What does the word 'serene' mean?
    8. Which famous battle was thought in 1066?
    9. Calais is a port in which country?
    10. What does the word 'impending' mean?
    11. In Britian, what season comes just after the Summer? And what do American's call this?
    12. In the Holy Quran, who built an ark?
    13. Complete the helpful memory aid: "I before E, except after ...'?
    14. In which number Century are we now living?

    15. Answers:

      1. New York
      2. Penguin
      3. Get smaller or decrease in size
      4. The Sahara
      5. 50
      6. November (5th)
      7. Peaceful or calm
      8. Battle of Hastings
      9. France
      10. Close in time or just about to happen
      11. Autumn. It's called 'The Fall' in America.
      12. Noah
      13. C
      14. 21st Century

      Questions III

      1. In which country are the Pyramids?
      2. Which boardgame do you place tiles with letters on them to form words which win points?
      3. Which occupation uses a trowel and spirit level?
      4. In America they call it a sidewalk, what do we call it?
      5. Who wrote the book Winnie the Pooh?
      6. Name the imaginary line that runs around the Earth's surface the same distance between the North and South Poles?
      7. Which country has an island called Sicily at its southern tip?
      8. Name the two planets closest to Earth?
      9. Which agency or organisation is responsible for the American space program?
      10. What word is missing at the end of this famous book title: 'The Lion, the Witch and the ...@?
      11. Which flower is associated with Remembrance Day in Britain?
      12. The Eiffel Tower is in which city?


      1. Egypt
      2. Scrabble
      3. Brick layer
      4. ement
      5. A. A. Milne
      6. Equator
      7. Italy
      8. Venus (closest) and Mars (the moon is not a planet!)
      9. NASA (The National Aeronautics and Space Administration)
      10. Wardrobe
      11. Poppy
      12. Paris

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