Cushion Doll Review

This weekend DD3 received this lovely gift from Hijabi Mama Treats
a cute, canvas tote bag and a cosy cushion doll. They were beautifully gift wrapped and DD3's name was written on tag for that personal touch.
DD3 was so excited to receive this big, gold, spotty parcel through the post on a dull Saturday morning, it probably felt like Eid again! She couldn't wait to tear it to pieces and see what was inside!

The cushion doll is so soft and squidgy she gave it a big squeeze after unwrapping it. DD3 decided to name her 'Laila'. She's the perfect size for DD3 to carry from room to room and the perfect buddy for story time snuggled up with books and blanket.
She's found a special place to keep her, next to her pillow at night, ready to carry downstairs at breakfast time! and with the fabric different shades of pink she's been an instant favourite for my little girl who just loves all things pretty and pink!

I think the cushion doll is such a fab idea, as it's not only a doll she can use for her role-play around the house with her tea set but she can also use it as a comfy cushion when she's ready for her nap.
The cushion dolls at would make the perfect gift for young children on Eid or even as Aqeeqah presents.

We will be taking Laila on a little adventure next week, so keep a lookout here on the blog and on Instagram @theworldistheirclassroom . Where would you like Laila to visit? The park, the supermarket or the Masjid?  Please post a comment or email me :)
to be continued.................................. :)