Birdseed sensory tray

'Ways sensory trays benefit children
Exploratory sense – by giving children a tray of open ended resources it encourages children to use materials in a way they see appropriate to them with no pressure to produce an end product. This also increases a child’s confidence to use both new and familiar materials in whatever way. It is important here to provide for children but not to interrupt their play and let them lead their own learning. Sit, observe and watch their imaginations come to life.
Language – this activity absorbs children in language. Although we have said to let your child play independently with this activity, always be on hand to support if needed. Answer their questions ‘what is this called?’, ‘what’s that?’ and engage in their conversations with them leading but encourage them to make their own decisions as to what items are used for.
Maths – This is a great activity for maths skills to develop. Children will quickly want ‘more’ of a sensory item to ‘add’ to another. They will divide objects up, count things, order them, make comparisons, manipulate objects to fit elsewhere to just name a few.'


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