Toucan Box Review

I love getting out the glue and glitter to make different crafts with little ones, but now that I have five kiddies it's harder to keep the craft draw full, so we are trying out Toucan box which is an Arts and Craft subscription service which delivers a lovely, personalised craft box straight to your door! Keeping up with creative kids can be difficult not only going out to buy all the resources but to think up ideas and tie them in with other projects! With all the hype lately about subscription boxes I really wanted to try this one out!

DS5 was so excited to receive his box with his name printed on the front, the perfect activity for a wet Autumn morning! He eagerly opened his box and found he was going to make his very own Calabash! The Calabash is a gourd grown on a vine. It is harvested, hollowed out and dried in the sun. It was traditionally used as a bowl to store water. I was so excited to see that he was learning some History, Maths, Geography etc. along with his craft! DD3 received a dinosaur craft with activity book, which looked nice and simple for her to start, she got stuck in straight away!

DS5 received an African adventure activity book, instruction book on the Calabash, balloon, stickers, brown paper, glue and paintbrush. He immediately went to find Africa on our wall map!

DD3 pack was similar but with a dinosaur theme. A dinosaur tail, stickers, activity book and mask as well as the instruction booklet and further ideas. The activity book also had a recipe for dinosaur spaghetti!!

There are three sizes to choose from at Toucanbox. This is the Petite version which is delivered conveniently through your letterbox fortnightly. It's packed with brightly coloured activities ready for little hands!

What is a Toucan Box?

The Toucan box is a subscription service that delivers creative craft boxes to children aged 3-8 years old. The boxes come in 3 different sizes:
  • Petite: Provides everything you need to create an exciting activity. This box fit through the letter box and contains a activity book with puzzles, games, recipes and fun facts. This craft box is delivered fortnightly.
  • Grande: Provides all the materials needed for 2 craft activity, as well as a children book that goes along with the theme of the box. This box also contains a parent card containing further ideas for activities and games. This box is delivered monthly.
  • Super: This box contains everything you child will need to complete 4 craft activities, along with a children’s book and the parent card. This box also comes monthly.

I was nicely surprised with the activity it contained. I didn't think DS5 was going to learn so much from one small craft box. He was really keen to start and followed the simple instructions easily. He grabbed the balloon and tried to blow! I helped him blow up the balloon and he found himself the right sized bowl to pop it in. He then followed the instructions step by step learning about the History of the Calabash from the booklet and how it was used. It made him think about what he wanted to use it for! I couldn't wait to find out!

DD3 decided to get involved at this point by helping to pour out the glue. Even though this activity is rated 'medium' for adult assistance, they both could easily squeeze out the glue and mixed it with water.

DS5 'I really enjoyed making my Calabash, but I had to go to the sink three times to wash my hands because my hands were so sticky.'

DS5 'I was surprised to see how hard my Calabash was this morning! it didn't seem too long to wait all night for it to dry.'

Whilst they waited for it to dry, they enjoyed colouring the African activity book together. It contains lots of colouring pages and simple puzzles.

DD3 took over the colouring after a while!

The following day DD5 applied stickers and popped sweeets and fruit into the bowl! It worked really well and was very proud of showing off his amazing Calabash. He also learnt that Calabashes are traditionally carved and left plain or decorated with geometric patterns. This activity can easily lead onto a whole Home Ed project all about Africa as it offers further ideas such as printing off the colours and shapes from the Toucanblog to make the African flag! We are going to further the project by writing a poem about Africa, looking at more geometric patterns and finding books in the library on Africa.

Sweets and fruit eaten, it finally became a hat for DD3 which she wore for the rest of the afternoon! :)

It was very enjoyable watching DD3 with her craft. She understood what she was making and couldn't wait to make her own dino tail! She peeled the stickers easily and popped them onto the tail. 'Yippee mummy!!!' she shouted once it was finished, she wore it for the rest of the day. The pack contained a bonus craft of the dinosaur mask which I cut out for her as it was a bit fiddly. Here she is as a dinosaur!

DD3 loves colouring anything and everything, so the activity book went down really well with her! Lots to colour and there are puzzles too. Lots of fun for little hands!!

Overall I think the Toucan box is so much more than just an Arts and Craft box, it taught DS5 about Africa and the History behind the bowl he made. As a Home Ed mum it's a great way to incorporate  fun, practical learning into projects and the boxes are reasonably priced. It was so much easier having the whole project come through the letterbox, I was so pleased that he needed very little assistance from myself which gave him the confidence to get stuck in. It was lovely to see him so excited with what he'd achieved as he's never really taken an interest in colouring and crafts as much as the other kiddies have! DD3 as usual got straight in there with little help. She was so excited with her finished tail! I've uploaded a couple of clips on Instagram so look out for those!

If you would like to try out a Toucan box please visit the Toucan Box website here.

Disclaimer: We were sent this box in order to review and all opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links. 


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